just a project I been working on these couple of hours hope u like…

Very interesting and cool design. I like it.

You need to put a huge room around it with lots of pipes, cables and stuff drooping off the walls. Would look great.


very nice modelling, just what is it?

It’s a supacomputa, duh :)! I know I want one already and that’s just the main user console.

Or in layman’s terms Super Computer

Great design! I wouldn’t necessarily put a lot of wires and stuff around it, perhaps a nice and clean white room would also look cool (like it’s a concept model presented by Sony or something)

The monitors could be just a little bit more around the chair, so you can actually look to your left and right while playing games (for example: when playing racegames or flight games you could look through your left and right windows). Also, a dolby surround speakerset would be cool, so you can hear sound from everywhere. Just thoughts…

just a render test

soulsaver: good suggestion I will do that when I have the time

BgDM: I tried your suggestion but as I work with it it kinda lost the focused on the supacomputa…Im not good with environment :slight_smile:

very nice render!

keep on going.


oooo got a good Idea, thanks. I am going to make a helmet that melds with your brain, kinda a supacomputa but not really.

Great model, but this render almost makes it look plastic. But maybe it’s just me.