Super Awesome WACOM TABLET


Purchased it today, and it’s something that I’ve alwase wanted.

And I can draw all kinds of stuff with it, includeing design sketches for 3d projects!

Now that this is done, you might want to invest in a better camera. :wink:

Wacoms are always good buys, I’m sure you wont regret it.


How muich did it cost ya?(if you dont mind me asking)

Oh yea, a digital camera is a must… The thing I used for that pic is an old webcam I’ve had for a while…

The tablet is a Graphire3 4x5 and it cost me exactly $107.49 dollars. They had larger sizes for hundreds of dollars more… and well, you know the rest.

Even though it’s small, it proves to be extremely good. I intend to do some drawings with it to show what I mean.

I have both graphire and intuos, and while intuos is better, graphire has way netter usefullness/cost ratio…

Also, u can’t imagine how much a 12x9 inches can bloat a desktop…I have mine allway now as I scratched the graphire…and it was rathe rmore functional having the other one and only using the big for large illustration work…

i got a 6x5, and its good.

my lecturer at university has one about the size of a A3 (or was it A2) piece of paper (workable area) it is GIANT.


Looks like a Volito from what little detail can be seen. I really want one, but don’t know where to find one (haven’t found any shop that sells wacoms in my <100K people town). and I have never bought anything on the 'net, so I don’t know about payment methods or shipping costs.


Why not:


Seriously, Wacom’s are the dog’s dangly bits of graphic tablets. My dad’s got a cheap ass tablet which has a battery in the stylus!! :o

Whats different between the graphire 3 and the graphire 2 which I have?


thank you. now i have a bigger dilemma: should i buy a new graphics card or a wacom tablet. i already should get a new mouse (old one died and im using one without a working middle mouse button now)

Any views on Nisis tablets? They seem to be a lot cheaper than Wacoms and still have 512 levels for the stylus.

I could get an A4 Nisis for the same price as an A6 Graphire…