SUPER BASIC animation problem

First off I am super new to blender and the forum. This is actually my first “try” at creating something. Now, I know I am starting off with more advanced stuff, but I have been reading a lot and when it comes to this kind of stuff that is how I learn. I have created a picture and all I want to do is “display” an object in the picture using the camera. What I did was create a path-like thing and tell the camera to follow the path while looking at the object so it moves from a side view to a front view…“displaying”. The image has image textures and a particle system for 2 candles on the side. I don’t know if I have them applied correctly, but I do know it shows up correctly when I just render an image of the scene. My problem is when I try to render the animation of the camera moving the particle system that acts like fire just moves off of my candles and textures appear like if they don’t give that “move” effect. I kind of have to finish this part within 25 hours of this post so I REALLY would appreciate ANY help at all.

thanks in advance.

Please anyone?? I am sorry if I am sounding new and what not but I could really use all of your expertise. I have 22hrs 19min to finish as of this post.

I have created a picture

Is that picture in the Backbuff, on a Plane as a Texture or a Texture in the World?

“display” an object in the picture

I take that to be the 2 Candles? And the Particle Effects are the 2 flames of the candles?


Sometimes it’s tricky to interpret one person’s description of a problem, but what I think you’re saying is that the texture that you have applied to the particles that make up your candle flames are not moving, so the flame looks funny.

Particles emmitters can be made to emit objects (Yaay - shower of monkeys!), but by default they emit a type of single vertex called a halo.

Halos are very versatile and can be made to produce fire and smoke effects without the need to add textures.

There’s a campfire tutorial HERE. Have a look at the way the particles are set up.

acutally to be honest both of you have interpreted my problem wrong… maybe I should reword things.

When I said I created a picture I meant that I rendered my scene and a picture was created that looked the way I wanted it.

The Object to be displayed is actually a book in which the 2 candles are lighting it.

In reality every thing looks the way I want it to, but only when I render the scene as a simple picture.

My problem is this: I have the camera starting out aimed at the book and its starting position is off to the side and up a little. what is supposed to happen is the camera is supposed to move downward and to the right while always being aimed at the book. This part wasn’t a problem I took care of that fine. The actual problem is that when I render the animation of the camera movement and finally view the created avi file the textures don’t seem to give a “move” effect like they just stay still and also flicker a little. also what is happening the my particle fire just stays still so when the camera is moving the candle posts have the “move” effect so it appears as though the fire is just moving off of the candles when in reality the fire is just staying still.

I would suggest (since you don’t answer my first question) that you put your picture on a big Plane behind the book, as a background. Make 2 candles (how hard can that be). Add a scaled down Plane to the top of each candle as a seperate object and add a Particle Effect to each for the flame. Put the candles and the book on another Plane (floor) with a texture that compliments the book and the background Plane. Turn on Unified Render in F10 so particle Halos are rendered and render the animation.


Re the candles, here’s one you can play around with. The scale probably doesn’t match, but you can get an idea of how you can change a halo over the life of the texture.


Okay Thank A Lot for this example it really did help. I just have a few questions if you don’t mind. First of all What is the purpose that you used 2 different layers in the example you gave to me? Second What did you do to get the camera to move? Because that isn’t the same way I did it. (What I did was go to add>curve>Path and set the camera to that) I think this is all I need answered for now I will try out some stuff with this and let you know how it turns out.

First of all What is the purpose that you used 2 different layers in the example you gave to me?

I tend to use multiple layers just to keep stuff seperated.

Usually I keep the main objects on layer 1 with my camera(s) and lights on layer 10.

I think I mixed tham up a bit doing this one as it was rushed and my six year old woke me up at 3:30 this morning by throwing up on our bedroom floor, so I’m a little out of it!

Second What did you do to get the camera to move? Because that isn’t the same way I did it.

I used a track-to Constraint. That is to say, I forced the camera to point it’s axis at the center of the candle.

Long (old) way: Select the camera, go to the object buttons and add a new track-to constraint.
Short (new) way: Select the camera, shift-select the candle. Ctrl-T and select Track-To

Now wherever the camera moves, it will follow the origin of the candle.

(Note, I moved the centre point of the candle to be up close to the flame!)

To move the camera, made sure I was on frame 1 then hit I key to insert an IPO (In other words a key frame) and selected “loc” for location, then changed to frame 150, moved the camera to where I wanted it to end up and did the same thing (I-key and loc)