super bowl!!!!! 'n stuff.

Hey, i found out who’s playin in this super bowl thing tomorrow… so I made some blender goods to make me feel all “in the game”.


MrNeil - Pandora

  • edit:
    i adjusted the texture spec. better now. :slight_smile:
    and added shadows… that was buggin me.

Looks pretty good, but you might want to reduce the specularity of the footballs.

right, bg3d mentioned that as well. I scaled the picture down from 1280x1024, and the balls looked a little weird.

heres what the ball looks like before scaling

better i think, but you are right david

MrNeil - Pandora

I’d just like to point out that the Bucs will be crushing the Raiders this evening. That is all.

Very good closeup of your balls MrNeil :wink:

I love your image and I find your balls ( cannot find another word, sounds weird now !) very realistic.

Impressive picture.


i beleive this is super bowl 37.

that would be XXXVII not XXXVI.

nice otherwise.

LOL ya hehe…except that I love it!

Keep up bleding! :Z


/me dumbass.

ok, well. you should have seen it when it said:
“Raiders vs. Chargers”

then I checked… and uh… corrected myself.

ok, I’ll stay away from doing sports blender work now :slight_smile:

MrNeil - Pandora