Super Cartoon Girl

Just a simple cartoon model, c&c are very welcome…


My intention is to use in flash ambient for integration with the user any tips…?

She’s cute! What is flash ambient? I’m curious. I work with Adobe Flash all the time is that what you are talking about or something elde entirely?

thumps up for your article, great post…

Thx, N00bie and Famke…

N00bie, when i comment about using flash I mean to use in a LMS training guide, with user integration like, a movieclip for the head, arms, legs, when user clicks, or move the up it acts in different ways.
My intention is to render each part separatelly of the body, but if guys have a better idea, please throw over me…!!!

That is really neat - I am also working on/off on a comic (still on first frame). I will be rendering the head rather seperately from the body . … so would love to view your progress on this exercise! All the best on your project!

Hi Kbot thx for the kind comments, I would like to check it out your work too, could you show me or send the link if you already post anithing…?
For now im working on the hands and the face motion…I´ll be posting soon some news…

She’s cute, but I find her overall shape kind of odd. I guess I’d suggest either shrinking her hips or giving her a bust, because as-is her proportions are a bit strange.

I still haven’t gone about to organise anything yet, I got too much in my mind at the moment (…like getting married in about 3 weeks time!)…

…But I hope to get some serious blender time afterwards. Currently whatever blender time I get, it gets divided between making quick tests that I usually put up in the WIP, or our team project at …or my comic.

I’m not a good modeller or good drawer, but fortunetely there is a lot of resources to overcome this defiency.

Klaatuteela, thx for the comments, my main idea is, don´t make the character anything as sensual, i would like to remind the body of a woman, with the large scale hips, but still mantain a non sexual appealing look. But thanks for the comments I try to make something to change that.
And Kbot, well I´m would like to finish the modelling next week the hair is not the right yet, i would like to make a similar to Mirage from the The Incredibles but still I´m studing how can be done it don´t seem like particles, lets see what I can achieve…

Hi there, going on with the modelling and rigging, I kind need a help with the hand fingers, how can I make them react like a real finger…
And by the way the feet i have disconect the parent so it´s stay in the air but that´s wrong right, how can I fix that…?


It’s definitely O.K to disconnect some of the bones from their parents, complex rigging is impossible to achieve otherwise. Here is a tut I made for SWOOSH.
It quickly covers parent child relationships, and Ik chains/controls. Here is a link to a seies of tuts on the complex subject of leg and foot rigging (hardest part of a rig IMO).

The guy that made these is obviously a kid, and he has a bad attitude, but he really knows what he’s doing.

it looks… like a Mii.

Ok people, the swf in the link (with simple interation) I need a little attention because as I told, I kind need some good interation, ideas are always welcome.
What I want now is, to make the mouth talks, and my doubt is, I don´t now if I draw a vector or render the mouth separatetly from the head and make another mc. (435 KB)

Anybody here work with flash that can help me…

Yo Yo calm down! It’s a blender forum man, not an Adobe one!

I like what you are doing here, I do training to in an LMS (Moodle), and I’ve often thought along these lines for some highly interactive training then decided against it because of the time /effort involved. If you can get this down you’ll really have something. My first thought/concern is that if you continue the way you are doing this you will end up with an swf that is like a 100 MB or something (of course depending on the length of the module) That is going to be a seriously long load time!

You may have thought of this already, but why not render the animations as external .flv’s? Then your content will be streaming instead of waiting to play after the whole swf is loaded. I thing=k you could have more flexibility to do complex animations without the worry of chopping up the character, and it would be so simple to get exactly what you want since you can render right out of blender. I also think that building a master swf that “runs the show” and could be used for multiple training modules by switching out the flv’s and you wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel for each program you do. You know keep the simple animations over to the right inside the swf, and the complicated animation (which could easily include audio I might add) over to the left as an external flv. When they push the button it advances the timeline and the animation on the right plays in synch with your rendered animation on the left.

O.K.? There you got some feedback. Happy?

Always N00bie hum, thank you man for your feedback, yes already think of that but still don´t you think that streaming media would make me less interactive with the user…?

And the mouth, what can I make, I was thinking on render her mouthless, and make a mc to get more control over the stop/talk motion, but that would make the head can´t moviment too much but that´s ok.

Not at all. Mind you I have not done this before, exactly this way, but I know the actionscript to make it happen. Lets say you have 20 different animations each rendered seperately as AVI’s converted to flv’s. (Lets call the girl Suzie)

Clip 1: Suzie walks out, introduces herself and offers a choice “Hello I’m Suzie, do you want to go right or left today?”


var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

Then you set a trace waiting for the clip to end and freeze it at the last frame
(first we are checking if it is loaded before we start playing it to prevent jerkiness)

var loadinterval = setInterval(loaded,100);
var percentloaded:Number;
var ready:Number;
function loaded() {
percentloaded = ns.bytesLoaded / ns.bytesTotal;

ready = Math.round(percentloaded * 100);

if (ready >= 25) {
ns.onStatus = function(info) {
if(info.code == “NetStream.Play.Stop”) {

After the flv stops, or during it playing, keyframe in two buttons directly into the timeline.

gotoAndPlay(3); OR: gotoAndPlay(4); respectively

Either of the next two clips start with her in the exact pose she was in at the end of the first clip so there is no “transition”. The key to making this easy will be to find several “rest poses” that are easy to end and start on.

Next after clicking the buttons we go to and play the next clip and the process starts all over again with another set of choices.

I believe this method will prove the most effective use of your time, especially when producing multiple training sessions. You can spend your time animating in blender and concentrate on getting your content perfect instead of mucking about in Flash.
Also, since the timeline will only advance once the clip is finished, you can use the same basic setup for your next training and you will have total flexibility in your animations. Doing another program will just mean changing the button choices and the clips, your scripting may be more difficult the first time but you will have a master, that can be used over and over.