Super Challange #200 - Open!!

It was years in the making but “Blender Super Challange #200” is here!!

This Friday June 16th, it looks like it will be a week long challange!

In the “Weekend Challange” section of this forum you fool!!

The dominators of the weekend challange both said they will appear, Robertt and Sago. For months these two have owned almost every victory back to back. The legendary master of blender Wu will also make an apperance. And you should be there too!!

people who plan to enter= RobertT, Sago, Wu, Alex G, Ecks, Jason H, Jeeves, mr bomb, Slepnyrl, ashraf, jackj, garphik, orion119net, .:Tracer:., Modron, BgDM, mfoxdogg, BackiZ…lots more to come! (18 people so far, lets beat the number of people who entered challange 100, which was 28 people).
people we all hope enter= @ndy, LohnC, basse, Alltaken, Blitz, venomgfx (but if they are afraid i understand…wait what… no i dont because i’m a real man)

What do you need?
A computer.
A free copy of blender.
And a tombstone with your name on it and the quote “I challanged Wu and now here I lie with no self respect six feet underground!”

Helpful Links
(for you and your family, dealing with your loss, or the loss of you)
If you survive - Click Here
If you dont - Click Here

See you in the cage!!

I might as well give it a go, just for fun though. It might just be a non-participating entry from me

cough challenge cough

i know it appears to be some kind of extreme sporting event involving blender, but what is the challenge, exactly? or is that T.B.A.?

it is TBA…next friday it will be annonced

I’ll give it a go probably :cool:

Jason enters the ring with Wu.
Announcer- “Ladies and gents, we’ve got a special show tonight! Thats right, blender master Wu is here to take on the new and rising star, Jason H! The quest you ask? Tonight these contestants step into the SUPER RING to duke it out, one on one.”

skip ahead an hour

Announcer- " And now we come to the final word of tonights spelling bee. The word is Challenge. Wu is up first."

Wu- Umm…ok got it! C-H-A-L-L-A-N-G-E

Announcer- “I’m sorry, that is incorrect. Jason H, can you answer?!”

Jason H- “c-h-a-l-l-e-n-g-e”

Announcer-YOU’VE DONE IT! YOUR THE NEW CHAMPION! Wu’s blender skills
were useless against Jason’s amazing spelling abilities!


Well, someone has to put Wu in his place, and I guess that’s where I come in…

hmmmmm…its the ultamite showdown of sock’um boppers…we need a theme song how bout “Eye of the Tiger”…da…da…dada…dadaduuuuuuuummmmm…

I think you should’ve waited until they could reveal themselves to the public on their own… :smiley:

I’m most certainly in for this one.

Bah, you guys have no clues what I’m gonna cook up when I have whole days before me with absolutely nothing to do other than Blender.
Blending Summer vacation is starting on the 16th. The BWC too. Wu, prepare to be challlenged!

This is gonna kick off summer in the greatest way of all time!

Fun fun fun!



Prepare to be owned biatch!!1

Whoa Sago, seriously good photoshopping, I think that is about as good as you can get Wu to look via PS ha ha. I will most definetley enter this challenge, more likely to be whipped but hey, that’s what I get for challenging the best.[trashtalk] Hey Wu, your mom goes to college[/trashtalk] (Btw RobertT, nice suit ha ha)

The Jack

I’m definitely in for this one.

i’m very very sorry about the spelling mistakes, could someone please check my place holder and make sure its spelled correctly ? ? ?

anyway, i’m glad to see so many people are excited too and are going to come out and lose to wu…i mean participate in the greatest weekend challange EVER!!!

Yes I will be announcing it just before the 16th, perhaps the 15th.

Also note the countdown clock at


i’m confused? will their be a super challange #200 at on the 16th (week long challange), and a blender world cup challange at blender battles on the 16th (two week long challange), or are both going to be the same big challange? how long?

if the contest is just one big challange at blender battles, should the entries be posted here or at blender battles? will the voting be here or at blender battles? or will there just be two big contests that Wu will have to kick everyones asses twice?

sorry if i messed anything up by annoucing this? but i just think people need at least a weeks notice to be able to plan ahead and make time to participate, if mods need to delete this thread and announce somthing different please do.

The worldcup challEnge on Blender Battles will most likely be split into different rounds. And my guess is that Blender Artists’ superchallEnge #200 will be the first round for that worldcup challEnge.

About the lenght of superchallEnge #200:

So I guess no Weekend ChallEnge this time.

Where to submit the work, don’t know. And don’t care at this moment.
All in time, all in time.

Sago, so you want to talk about my mistakes, ok, lets take a look at a few of yours, shall we,

Example A
talk about piss poor quality, what did you use the fatest tip pen in photoshop? how about getting the color at least correct, good lord, you freaking slob, i know its hard to watch porn and draw straight lines, but dude you werent even trying, and yeah lets put a box around the end of the 200 no one will notice, how about using a bright red color next time, maybe that would be less noticable?

Example B
what are you going to do when you are married and your wife asks you to paint over a stain on the wall, your wife will be like, “so honey did you paint over the stain on the wall?” “yeah babe i got it” “Sago did you use the small brush” “no all i could find was this big fat ass paint roller” “ok Sago, but you did match the paint color right?” “sorry babe, all i could find was the neon blue paint, but i think it looks fine”

i mean, holy crap dude, is this the guy i’m going up against, mr. i’m a huge fat slob who uses gigantic fat markers in photoshop, dude your done, this is going to be the easiest victory i’ve ever had!!!