Super Colider Ends World!!!

For the alarmists among you :smiley:

I thought whoever did that did a nice job :smiley:

lmfao! Now that was good.


This was already mentioned in ‘So I hear it’s the end of he world’, but it’s funny, nevertheless.

Haha, awesome!

excellent… thanks for the post

HAHA, that was hilarious!! Kudos to the creator, wow!

EDIT: Showed this to my mom, tried to act like it was real, like I wanted her to see the first experiment, she got excited when the lights turned on, and then she gasped when the black hole appeared, but then quickly debunked it and started laughing. It was the greatest moment of my life to see her face!

You might wanna check out this site:

Just another one to the 200s.

NEVER thought that black holes had purple outlines… oh well looks like it did serve its purpose :slight_smile:

lol @ the source of that page:

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