Super confused how to apply my texture


I am just starting to learn texturing, followed some tutorials so am now trying it myself. But have found an issue that i don’t know how to solve.

I have a basic square face that i set the UV map for and applied my texture to that UV map. Then i setup my nodes which looks like this:

Now some things i am struggling to understand is how i make this seamless? The full texture image itself IS seamless as i got it off CGTextures.

This one:

Here is how it looked when i tried to tile my floor piece, highlighting the seam:

I know the cause of the issue, that being the floor tile is 2 by 2 units but my image is 1600 by 1181 there for, not a square! So it will truncate some of the image texture and lose its seamless status.

I learnt about using offsets in photoshop to fix seams, but given the pattern of the image i couldn’t see a way to do it.

Another question i have:

How do i scale my textures down on to my floor piece as currently they are too large for a 2 by 2 sized object, and wouldn’t this simply cause more seam issues?

if you can combine all your floor pieces into a single object than you can create a plane object in the scene and use it to project a textures onto the floor object. You can rotate and scale the plane to change the position of texture.

Well - i don’t really need to combine as i need the tile piece as 2 by 2 units as i will be importing it into Unity for a game project.

Can you explain what the texture coordinate does exactly ?

Also do you have any tips on how i can improve my texture design so it looks more metallic, i am trying to understand PBR stuff but its kinda confusing as they use similar terms but seem to represent different things.

I’ll tell you the thing I just learned: It is needed to use a “Smart UV Project” with the “correct aspect” option disabled for such textures:

Then, an image without a square shape will be fully visible on the square plane which consists of one polygon.