Super Duper Serious Game Art WIP


I’m making some 3D game art for my portfolio and I want them to look super duper good. This is my first time working with normals and low poly and baking and all other confusing aspects of game art.

Im working on top of the engineer model from TF2 and creating items for him with the theme of Greek Blacksmith with extra emphasis on blacksmith. I have a few more items that are very WIP but for now I’m just posting the helmet.

Can I have some solid critique on the unwrapping of the helmet and anything else to do with the model? (Not the engineers head though). Right now the colours are in the style of the Red team, I’ll post the palette for TF2 below. Please ask for anything you feel would help.

Just as a little supplement I’m working mostly within the confines of the rules laid down here:

The general rules are as follows:

  • 512x512 Maps
  • Around 1000 polygons (I’m way over this right now)
  • Maintain the existing art style of TF2
  • Use the colour palette as a guideline

The colour palette:

The engineer as he appears in-game:

My current progress:

Thanks for watching!

It looks ok in general.

Only comment I have is the Defuse / AO map. TF2 have that toon look you know. Not much UV and specula. It has the flat look to it. Your map seems too finely rendered.