Super Girl Stranger in a Strange Land

Here is my current version of Planet Krypton. I still need to add a debris field and partial moon from a third moon that was destroyed by a tyrant. For the fan film Super Girl: Stranger in a Strange land.

Here is a texture test of the Kara Zor-El’s ship. This was rendered with cycles using a procedural texture.

I’ve since added some carbon scoring to all the lead edges. Sorry for a jumpy animation.

Here is my planet earth with more of a stylized sun as opposed to photo-realistic. That was the director’s vision of the earth sequence.
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Earlier version of the earth sequence testing the heat distortion from the ships rocket thrusters.

Great looking scenes so far. The materials on the ship have a kind of pearlescent look to them. I take it from the facebook page this will be live action so are you be making a model of the actress playing supergirl for some scenes?

I will be modeling the actress for some of the flight scenes.

Very awesome,do you have a tutorial where i can learn to model a planet like that?

Here are a couple of the tutorials that I watched and pulled from to create the different space shots.

Here are a couple of shots for the landing sequence done in Blender. The director says this should be finished in the next couple of months.

The cryonic sleep chamber

The cryonic chamber on-board the spacecraft. rendered with cycles. I stopped it at 1000 passes just for a proof of concept for the director.

here the loading platform as Kara exits the space craft. wip