Super Heavy Cruiser (Completely Revisited Lighting!)

erm. hey guys this is my latest ship (duh!) it is only the first half of it and not really detailed at the moment but let me know what you think!


It’s looking very nice! Very cool design, but I think you should think some practical issues about the ship. In my opinion it’s too much… “closed”, if you get what I mean. It should have some kind of windows or something that allows to see whats around. Anyways, looking good, keep it up.

yea, i am planning to add windows and/or a bridge but thanks for the idea

ok i have added windows to the bits i have just added on and the “thing” on its top is the start of the bridge


finished the bridge for now. i might do minor hull plating on it later when i have more time because it takes forever!


a random render of the rear

whoops, forgot to upload the pic


so nobody has any comments or crits?..

i like the design but it´s kinda hard seeing what´s front and back

hey blenderizer, im glad you like it, it is hard to tell the difference between front and back at the moment because the front isnt quite finished, well it is now (i have just finished the basic shape, deatails come next)


hmmh… I actualy like it more without the pointy thing on the front. It looks more mechanical and complex without it. Looking sweet!

you should add something to the sides, right now when i look at it ,i get the feeling that it is going to tilt any second

what kind of things do you have in mind?

small update

added turets to the side, i might mdel some torpedo tubes


Wow looking good! No crits now. To sleak for me :D. Can’t wait for another update.

i am happy you like it. and as for updates, here is a small one added to the things near the front. 214k verticies and all the detail is modelled on, before anyone asks.


ok guys, i ned your opinions. which exhausts looks best on this ship. the first one is a spot light with halo and the second is particle and halo


Y would we think the ‘detail’ wasn’t modelled? Its medium detailed, i think you could take it alot further. Fix the overall shape, stop adding things just to make it ‘look good’. Model parts which would actually be present on the model for real purposes. Like what are the twin circular things at the front for? Retro boosters? :slight_smile:
The spot light halo looks pretty good.

what kind of things that should i model that would be “present on the model for real purposes”? things like comm arrays and hangars?

ok, so i have added things to the model with real purposes this time.

i have updated lighting and given the engines a cool (in my opinion ;)) glow. i have also given it some hangars and a comm array. (2 hangars on either side)