Super Hero Models

look, im thinking about making a game about a super hero but i stink at modeling and have no idea were to start. if anyone would help or give me any ideas, that would be awsome thanks.:smiley:

i think this is in the right forum…

How about if you make a super hero monkey? That way you’ve got the head already. There’s a model repository around here somewhere. There’s some pretty good tutorials at noob to pro:
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

Johnyman, if you cant model, use temp models and make your game.

fireside, i think i will use a monkey for the evil minions thanks

and what is a temp model?

nah i wont use the monkey, way to high poly. i reduced the vertice count to 300 on the head (from 500) and got 70 frames per secound. and thats just the head. It would never work with 5-10 monkeys on screen at the same time.

What kind of video card do you have? It takes 15500 faces to slow my game engine to 70 FPS.

Or maye you have vSync on?

i have ATI RADEON express 550 i think

whats vSync?

I’ve found, if I want a character head to talk and blink, I end up using about 700 faces. For a full character, it ends up being 1200 to 1500.

i dont think i need blinking or talking. In my previous game i had a character penguin with less that 100 verts and it still looked great. When I had a big fight scene i think i had 20 or 25 penguins all fighting and the frame rate was still high (like 80 FPS)

Oh, well that saves a lot, then. I don’t think I could ever do a human character with a 100 though. If you’ve done penquins you shouldn’t have that much trouble modeling humans.

does anybody have any ideas on what he/she should look like?


its your game, shouldnt you decide that?

I have done a really nice human model with 350 faces, and a higher poly version of the same mesh at 600 faces. I’m thinking of making a tutorial on it.

a tutorial would be nice

and karaoke, that is why i started this thread

ok here is the scenery that will be in the game


if you cant see it, it is a city type of area with a road and some buildings

comments are welcome (if anyone cares)

I have trouble with getting people to answer my questions too. It doesn’t look bad, but those walls areound the road are a little high.

the high walls are for when the super hero flies, he wont see over them