SUPER HYPER NOOB! Please help.

Ok, so I just got blender like a week ago and I need to animate some Halo Master Chief files. There format is .obj and i just need to know the basics of animation. I looked over some of the tutorials and spent a good deal of time but i am still very much like “OMG WTF :o” I found tutorials on how to animate but not how to bone. This is my main problem, i cant figure out how to add the bones and what menu i need to do it from. I dont know if the mesh is supposed to be selected or not when i add the bones. I have animated with other programs like maya and stuff so i know what to do once it has all the bones, i just dont know how to add bones. Please help :slight_smile:

There’s a section on this in the Blender documentation, it’s part of the gingerbread man tutorial.

<--------------- documentation

bones in blender are called armatures.

thank you

um, i cant find what you are talking about anywhere. I dont see anything called gingerbread man tutorial.

You will find the tutorial here: