super lag of performance when uv mapping

ok heres the deal when ever i even try to open the uv mapping window my comps performance goes to sh*t!! its so bad that is takes a full 5min to get a reponce from a click and not before the view goes black. i have been un able to finish most of my projects due to this problem. yet i can model all day long with out to much performance problems. so what is it that the UV mapping window uses that kill my comp?

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
ATI Radeon Xpress 200m 128MB
512 DDR
winxp sp2

Blender has problems with ATI cards. It has been for many versions. Like what I said in a topic some time ago that’s why I have Nvidia.

That could be your problem.

most likly is (i hate ATI) i just have to deal with ATI for now untill i get a new Laptop/workstation

make sure you don’t have live LSCM unwrap turned on… that caused massive lagginess for me.