Super Macho Man bites the dust

Bwa ha ha ha ha! I beat him!
(Now to get rid of that one loss so I can play the last three guys…)

Sorry, I’m a 16-bit junkie. 8)

But first, some homework…

I have a SNES emulator too and I have that game. I don’t like it though. I think I got to level 3 or something and gave up. I prefer the platform games.

For fighting games I like Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat.

That is one of the best Super Nintendo games. Although when you become a true master, it is less about surviving than about beating the opponent as fast as you can.

Yeah, I can blow through everyone else. Super Machoman’s timing is so radically different than everyone else’s though, and his moves come so randomly, the way I finally beat him is to just to accelerate my attack. He’s so defensive that it binds him to only doing his super moves, and there’s always a brief audio-visual cue before he does (so 90% of the time I can avoid them). I don’t think he can be KO’d: the closest I ever came is making him count to 4 before getting back up.

I’m emulating too (it’s so much friendler than dragging out the SNES and plugging it up to the TV).

Anybody remember VirtuaFighrer 1? I think that was 1993 or so. I loved it when I first played v.2 a few years ago at the arcade at Disneyland Paris. In v.1 I could blast through all the enemies including the last boss with no problems at all. Loved that game. Too bad I don’t have it anymore.

I never got into that one. 50 cents a play was a little steep for me (and I didn’t frequent the arcade too oft…)

But I remember it. 3D was the “big thing”.

Back then, Rutgers Camden had a lot of video games in the campus center. (Yeah, I know: I didn’t go to school in between… I’m not a professional student.) Sony in particular would try out new stuff on us. I remember one game that had two TVs and mirrors to create an optical 3D effect in the box. It was a pretty tough fighter…

I’m generally a parallax (side-scroller) action fan, but one of my all time favorites is Zelda: A Link to the Past. But to play it I would have to hijack the family TV… so I found the emulater and a copy of the ROM on the internet.

Other favorites:
SNES: DK Country, Yoshi’s Island
SegaGenesis: BioHazard Battle, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage (the first one --that’s a hard cartridge to find these days [someone had pilfered mine]), Quack Shot
Arcade: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (the one that introduced Fei Long and Cammy, et. al.), World Heroes (the first one!), Samurai Showdown I and III (hmm… all fighters…)

That’s all.