Super Mario Maker

(albron) #1


As Super Mario is celebrating his 30th anniversary and for the release of Super Mario Maker, I thought I should do a little something, a little hommage to the famous plumber.

So here’s an image I just finished.

The pose is done in Zbrush but all the rest is modelled in Blender.
Rendered with Cycles.

Hope you’ll like it.


(Ace Dragon) #2

It’s a unique twist on the Mario universe for sure (though I’m struggling to figure out if placing a ripped dude in the image was the right call or not).


It’s great

(gr8!) #4

I really love his expression! Mr. maker is up to something!

(Joan Savalli) #5

I love it, really nice lighting !

(karlis.stigis) #6

Very nice!

(Madrid82) #7

Wonderful skin material, anatomy and composition.

(julperado) #8

Awesome! :slight_smile:

(sushilb001) #9

This is super awesome. Your anatomy study clearly shows up.

(S-Markt) #10

when i saw it first i thought: IT’S FUN TO STAY AT THE Y.M.C.A.

(Safetyman) #11

Wonderful work!

(Bhavin) #12

This is excellent

(sundialsvc4) #13

Really like him! Mario would be proud!! :slight_smile:

(shuffle, shuffle …) Well, I do suggest throwing a fill-light on the right-hand side to bring out the left side of his torso, head, and legs, and the pile of bricks he’s leaning on. And maybe another small key to bring out the top of the shark-balloon thingy. I just don’t like to see “(effectively) featureless-black areas.”

In a darkroom, I’d be saying, “why not burn-in those areas a little bit …”

(cgxev) #14

Interesting render, well done. Although I do have to say that the packs in the abdomen are too symmetrical. When the torso and the pelvis are on a different location it creates a tension in the abdomen. Which results in a different stretch and contraction situation.

(BigBlend) #15

Why? Are you getting a tingly feeling somewhere? :eyebrowlift:

(Platyperson) #16

can you post his skin material?

(tommywright) #17

Geez… great render man! Love it!

Oh and yes! +1 on seeing that skin material. It looks really good for this context.

(SandraDau) #18

nice story telling

(albron) #19

Hello everyone, thanks for the feedbacks…
I have to say I was quite surprised at first to see suddenly so much comments on my image… And then I saw the image in the top row.
That’s as surprising as pleasant to see my image there. :slight_smile: Even if I think there’s a gap between my little image and the ones that are in the actual top row…

Anyway, thanks for your comments… :slight_smile:

CGXev: Yes, you’re right, I could have done that to the abs… But it’s not meant to be realistic. It’s stylization of reality so… But you’re right. :slight_smile:
Sundialsvc4: I like dark areas… I don’t like images with rim lights everywhere to show every detail on an image… I already hesitated before adding the walking bomb men… I liked the idea of having just the block with the ? to light the room…

And here is the material node.
I posted it before for another image, but here it is. :slight_smile:

Hope it will be helpful. :wink:

Take care,


(Ace Dragon) #20

No, just that the person is quite radically different from the typical person you would meet in the Mushroom Kingdom (Mario and Luigi are fairly short and lean in comparison).

He might be able to build levels, but he may not jump several times his own height.