Super "Maya Style" Keymaps, Now with Bmesh Knife support.

Ok, i made these “Keymaps” after using Blender and
see what works and what i liked here is what i came up with…
they aren’t exactly like Maya, i just used the Blender-Maya keymaps and modified and added some things…
Zip file contains
read me.txt with keymaps
picture with keymaps
.py keymap file -----
(the Lasso select tool now works Ctrl+Left click select,
Ctrl+Shift Left Click to Deselect)

updated 11-10-11
Super Maya Keymaps, for most builds Updated, added new py file…

Now has support for interactive “S” scale, G" grab and “Shift+R” Rotate
these are nice for cycles and moving mesh lights.
it still has WER as well.


Bmesh Edition, with Super Knife tool support.
(the Lasso select tool now works Ctrl+Left click select,
Ctrl+Shift Left Click to Deselect)

Here is the new one updated. 4-30-2012
for Blender 2.63

updated again, added vertex connect : j

here is an instruction picture for people if they dont know how to import them.

Updated for Bmesh, and the other file was updated too
added lasso select support.

ish… i jumped the gun in releasing this update…
as the lasso select only works in object mode, it conflicts with another map in edit mode
“Shortest Path Select” mesh.select_shortest_path
however i think keeping the lasso tool
with the same keymap in object mode and edit mode would be logical and move the other tool to something else.

will do an update tomorrow.

hmmm… maybe it was just an something weird…
it seems to work now…

if you have problems with the lasso select working in edit mode
in the user preferences , either uncheck “Shortest Path Select” mesh.select_shortest_path
or change its mapping to something else
it is in the 3dview/mesh/ 6th entry down.

ok… i think i know what it is doing… :slight_smile:

by unchecking/disabling…, “Shortest Path Select”, the lasso select works in edit, edge select mode…

it works in edit, vertex and face select mode with it checked… but not edge select…
I will leave it how it is, i mostly use the lasso select to grab verts, or faces anyhow.

updated. added support for
S(scale), G(grab), Shift+R(Rotate)

these are nice for Cycles,
but it still has WER and the manipulator MAYA style…

These keymaps are looking solid. Any chance of them showing up in trunk? The existing one in trunk is practically useless. I’ll try to provide some meaningful feedback when I get the time.


im glad you like them. :slight_smile:

I dont know how to get things into trunk etc…
(but since they have a choice drop down i dont see why they dont have several different ones to choose from)

using this style keymap, its easy to switch between other software, Silo, Maya etc…

The easiest way would be to send off a mail to bf-committers.

i dont know who to email…??

but im sure they read these forums, they are more than welcome to use the keymaps,
they could also use the (SuperMaya keymap) pictures if they wanted to…

Hello!! I have been looking for this!!!.. It is nice to have lasso tool by pressing ctrl + click but still it behaves drfferent from other apps… Could you make an add on that simulates the behavior of other apps like maya and 3ds max? Becaus it would be great to do this!!! For example one thin that is driving me crazy is thw way blender select and deselect sub- objects like vertex… It is a nightmare to press many keys just to select the part of the geometry you want…

I would like to know if this behavior is possible to achieve in blender ?

you can edit these keymaps as you wish, in the “user preferences”/“input” menu

this by far is not complete, its intended as a “base” for people to modify as they wish.
however i tried to mix blender and Maya style as close as possible
(except for the uv editor that is still blender style, g(grab), s(scale, r(rotate)
because some of the other uv tools use some of the other
buttons it would interfere with other keymaps to change it so leaving this as blender made the most sense)

with regard to the lasso tool,
Ctrl+Click drag selects
Ctrl+ Shift Click Drag deselects

being in edit mode, face or vertex select mode works good, or object mode to select the entire object.

regular click and drag is box select…
(i guess you could switch these in the preferences if you want, but i find box select is used more)

if people find thing missing let me know…
I know the “bmesh” keymaps need "s"g"and “r” added…
just haven’t got to it… they only have “wer”

One thing about these custom keymaps that keeps me away is that we seem to lose a lot of blender’s built-in context menus, and I have no idea how to restore them or find them in the input prefs. For example, the “w” “ctl-e” “ctl-f” and “ctl-v” menu pop-ups are gone in the default maya keymap, but when I go into input prefs, I can’t find those menus anywhere to re-bind them. Help?

thank you for your answers!! I want to learn to change the ui, because I am trying to switch from 3ds max to blender and What I want To do is to customize blender the way I work in max but taking advantage of blender capabilities an then taking the best of both worlds!!!

Thanks When I get something I’ll post it and let you know thanks again


if you look at the picture posted in the first post…
it gives the keymaps for the specials menu…

Ctrl+W(main specials menu) Its mapped to Ctrl+W for Maya keymaps since “w” is translate
Ctrl+V(vertex specials)
Ctrl+E(edge specials)
Ctrl+F(face specials)

here is the context menu’s for them,
IF you want to edit the default Maya keymaps…

updated for 2.63. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alt+LMB Rotate, Alt+MMB Pan, Alt+RMB zoom.

Has W,E,R And G(Grab), Shift+R(Rotate), S(Scale)
Both edit and object mode.

Edit mode 1234 , vertex, edge, face, Occlude geometry

Ctrl+W(main specials menu) Its mapped to Ctrl+W for Maya keymaps since “w” is translate
Ctrl+V(vertex specials)
Ctrl+E(edge specials)
Ctrl+F(face specials)

lasso select
Ctrl+ Left mouse

Lasso deselect
Ctrl+Shift Left mouse.

Ctrl+Shift+E(extrude individual faces)
Alt+E(Extrude menu)

Updated again. i had the extrude messed up… fixed now…

I have the right file now posted, sorry.
It works now… :stuck_out_tongue:

holy crap thank you.

i just started with blender again - i keep trying and giving up every few years :slight_smile: - and as always, blender’s insistence of doing even the simplest things in a non standard way was making me pull my hair out…

particularly the fact that for some @#$%%^ing reason, lasso select used the OTHER button… WWWWHHHHYYY!!! i thought i could fool it by switching to LMB select… then surely, lasso select would still be CTRL-LMB still… but NOOOoooooo… it SWITCHES to the other button!!!

hopefully, this will at least prevent me from strangling small animals.

thanks again.


ok - here’s a dunce question - how do i install this? i tried importing keymaps in the user preferences>input screen and setting the mouse preset to “maya” as specified but i just lose the ability to rotate and move and zoom altogether… also, none of the w,e,r buttons work either.

i downloaded the file - “supmaya keymaps 4bmesh1” linked under “Here is the new one updated. 4-30-2012
for Blender 2.63” in the first post.