Super Newbie Frustration


I’ve downloaded Blender a few days ago for Windows 7.

I watched the QuickStart tutorial videos, and I’m now jumping into the tutorial found here called “Setting up the Mesh”.

I didn’t get very far before I ran into major problems. I can’t seem to find the editing buttons, or mirror button that they describe in this tutorial. I’ve looked all through the menus. And I’ve even searched through the PDF Manual that is offered on the Blender download page. I found a similar reference to the “Buttons Windows” and the “Mirror tool Button”

But I can’t find the actual button on Blender.

They say the button should look like this,

But I can’t find it to save my soul.

I somehow lost the main FILE menu bar whilst I was searching for these edit buttons. I’m about ready to give up. I can’t believe I can’t find this Mirror Tool Button, and I’m not even sure where the actual “Buttons Window” or “Edit Tools” are that they are referring to. According to the tutorial they are supposed to be below the 3D window, but I can’t find them.

Can anyone help me out here?

I can’t believe that I’m stumped so quick here. I’ve been searching for this button all day!

Using 2.49??..why??

Better using 2.57b (Or maybe you are using 2.57 and the manual link from Blender that points to the older manual??) and start with the 2.5x manual here:

…and look for some tutorials on the web… cgcookie tutorials are pretty good too.

The version of Blender that I downloaded was 2.57b from here:

Maybe I got the wrong manual and tutorial?

That tutorial I was starting in on looked like a pretty nice tutorial to start with. I thought it would be a breeze. But I guess they are referring to an older version? No wonder I’m confused.

Yeah the interface is different now than in that manual and the edit button you are looking for is now in the shape of a triangle.

Can’t upload pics now for some reason.

But have a look here:

Here is a side by side comparison of the what the edit buttons now look like.

From this tutorial:

On the interface, those buttons are to the right of the 3D view by default.

You’ve really got to watch this first! (link is above under "new to blender) in my opinion this should be THE introductory set of videos for people coming to Blender.

good luck!

Ok, I think that page you linked to about “Where that button go?” will help a lot.


Yes, I’ve already watched those and they are really good videos. They helped a lot too.

I’ve actually made quite a lot of progress just in the past 20 minutes. I found the mesh mirror tool and a few other things. I was able to move a little bit forward toward creating the mouth on the tutorial that I’m working on. I’m tired now though and I’m going to bed. But at least I learned quite a bit today. I had to solve this before I could sleep. (ha ha)

That’s “Where’d the button go page” helped a lot.

Ideally things should be labelled every time what version of Blender they are for, but until you become more familiar with the interface a quick way to tell what tutorial is for what is by how dark the interface is. Blender 2.5(x) versions are generally a much darker grey than the 2.4(x) and older versions. Again, the more recent tutorials generally spell it out for you, but it’s well known that Blender documentation is fragmented to put it lightly. Understandably so I guess given that it’s not a glamourous job to be doing voluntarily compared to improving or using the software.