Super Parallax 0.3 Release

Super Parallax 0.3 Release

Super Parallax provides a more efficient alternative to micro-displacement by bringing advanced relief mapping techniques into Blender. It works seamlessly between Cycles and Eevee.


  • Eliminates memory usage and calculations spent on subdivision + displacement by approximating the displacement in shaders.
  • Enables scenes with large amounts of displacement geometry.
  • Unlike generic parallax mapping, it works on curved geometry and produces silhouettes, producing an accurate approximation of real displaced geometry.
  • Parallax materials cast correctly distorted shadows.
  • Works independently of the camera orientation.
  • The addon procedurally generates parallax nodes to any arbitrary quality for fine-tuned performance and accuracy (also no appending needed).

Example - eight default spheres with shader displacement (no subdivisions!):

If you look closely, you can see the orange selection outline of the sphere’s mesh - the shader is producing the displacement effect ‘inside’ the surface.

The feedback so far has been really positive and thanks to all the supporters, I’ve been able to work on a major new version. This version has been available since February, but haven’t had much time to update the info.

New in Version 0.3:

  • Vertex-based parallax mode
  • Multiple user support for parallax nodes
  • Adjustable node quality
  • Offset parameter
  • Experimental procedural displacement
  • Improved interface
  • Bake operations available in object search menu
Vertex Mode - More Info

Vertex-based parallax is the most significant addition to Super Parallax. This new parallax node type uses less memory and is more efficient by using vertex data instead of textures. It also means parallax materials can now be shared across meshes. The increased efficiency produces a higher quality displacement effect, so vertex mode is now enabled by default.

Rec Ninja made this cool comparison video of some materials with and without Super Parallax:

Let me know your thoughts.

Vendors & More Information:
Super Parallax - GumRoad (new & cheaper!)
Super Parallax - BlenderMarket (supports Blender dev fund)

All future updates are free after purchasing from either vendor.
Docs (pdf)
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It looks good, but I want to make sure that your implementation is the different as that of vshad-parallax occupation mapping.

From what I can see, VShade doesn’t support silhouette clipping, which means the edges still look flat and polygonal - this is basically why SP is more like micro-displacement rather than parallax.

VShade also has fixed premade nodes that you have to append from a .blend file whereas the SP addon procedurally generates nodes to any iteration count.
In general, I think the implementations are likely very different.


Thank you for your answer. I’ll study it again.

I’ve been away from Blender for a few months, stepping back into it to see this made me smile - I look forward to testing it! :smiley:

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