Super Real Texture

How can I make the textures look super real? The example is titled Spider-Man 3 Visual Effects Highlights on Youtube. It shows how they took a model and used textures to make it look real. I need to do this for a movie that I am working on. When I try to texture things they look like something in a cartoon.

find an image that you can used as a texture
this will give the real look
and use this for Mapping ordinary or UV mapping


Let’s see the incredients of hyper real

-Color map
-Normal map
-Displacement map (possible but can really help)
-Realistic lighting (this is a biggie)

Your materials will not look real without realistic lighting, but color and normal maps are the most important on the texture side, for addition to realism you can have a spec. ref. (not raymirror), hardness maps, ect…

Also, Mapzone can make hyper real textures as well, you can also use Genetica if you have the cash.

Don’t forget to make the textures very high resolution.

What do you mean by Color map, normal map, and displacement map?

Color map is just that, a map of the colors on the object. IE your basic image map or photograph.

a normal map is a specially colored map that blender uses to help define how light is bounced off the object.

A displacement map is a grey scale image that defines surface displacements, ie a way to add more bumpyness to a surface without adding additional geometry

You can’t texture and object without these basic concepts!

I think you should visit and study the wiki first.