Super Simple Amazing Speed up

Check these out…

No raster 10fps~ on my machine due to heavily subdivided sphere
raster 60 fps same scene using my super simple technique !!!

:slight_smile: enjoy!!!
Hit P and hold space*

Now to have a medium quality, and low quality copy of each item, and 3 different sets of cones…
then BGE will be equal to any engine :slight_smile:

The Cube hooked to the cam is you can see the cam, delete it and then switch to cam…

Noticed* 2 spheres not set to 6 subdivide in raster compared to no raster, but it did not matter!

I would like to know, Do I win?

Anger bump >(

Maybe this should be in the game engine forum instead - I don’t know what I’m looking at since I don’t use the game engine (yet)

Well, this is for the game engine, but involves boosting the BGE to the levels of other CGI engines,
Does it not meet the importance of this thread level?

it is about CGI, but real time CGI

From just opening the files, I have no idea what you are trying to convey, and that could be because I don’t know what I’m looking for. Perhaps explain it a bit with screen shots or a summary of the method so it draws more interest - others like me might download the file and not understand what is going on.

Ok so ya,
1 cone make visable
bigger cone minus 1st cone - make not visable
So stuff not in front of camera is not observed :slight_smile:

Like a Level Of Detail system?

Yes, a Lod, plus vision load and unload,
like it so far?I know it is not perfect but it works better then without it…

I must admit I do not yet take advantage of the game engine as I use blender mostly for architectural work but in relative son future I might have a deeper look and this idea seems quite compelling.

That’s no LOD system.

To help you out as you seem to have no idea what wheel you reinvented:
That’s view frustum object culling.

The downside is that you most likely don’t use any searchtree, like an octree and have to parse all objects for visibility.
I guess you also don’t have occlusion culling, if one object occludes another.

Another downside is, if you cull the objects like that you also have to check for shadows.
If you remove an object left of the frustum that would throw a shadow inside the view frustum, you’ll have shadows popping up and disappearing. Same for reflections.

Another issue if you include occlusion culling at one point is that it’s mostly done with bounding volumes and then you’ll run in troubles, e.g. if you imagine the bounding volume of a tree and a person behind it. While you might see the person besides the trunk, the bounding volume will flag the person as occluded.

And you most likely only get 60fps, because thats the vsynch and you seem to have set it for OpenGL. :wink:

It’s funny how you seem to constantly come up with “new” stuff that already exists… you should have been born 25 years earlier hehe.
But as I simply don’t use the BGE, there might not be anything like it, although I think to recall that there was a BGE scenegraph update where Bullets btDbvt was intended to be used for Viewport culling.

As erexma said this is called view frustum culling, which the game engine already does automatically.

Ok, then why does Scene raster run much faster?
I know it is not perfect, I don’t know the terminology so well,
I do however get $hit Done :slight_smile:

My copy 60fps, NoRaster less then 10

Real time shadows will be nice, but I want large wide open levels first :slight_smile: I can fake shadows without a model to cast them :slight_smile:

Frustum culling means that objects that are outside the camera’s view don’t render. What you’re doing is the same thing, but slower - you’re performing logic on the high-poly objects to turn them invisible if the cube isn’t “looking” at them. You can easily test this.

Set the high poly spheres to be visible and don’t give them any logic to turn invisible. Look at the whole scene, and then notice your FPS and Rasterizer percentage. Now, press 0 to look through the camera. The FPS will rise if it’s below 60, and the Rasterizer will improve, since it’s no longer drawing the high-poly objects. When you press space to rotate the cube, it will run well until it starts viewing the high-poly objects.

Basically, you’re doing slower what the BGE does already.

As a side-note, it would be wise to apply the Subsurf modifier in the future, since the BGE runs faster if you do.

Lol lol and lol again!Reinventing the wheel?

ok :slight_smile:

that sounds about right,