super simple boolean test

i followed a 3ds max tutorials on boolean modeling. so i guess i can’t take full credit…

c&c on the lighting anyway %|

Very neat and simple i like it.

No offense, but I am really surprised you got a decent result using Blenders Booleans. Any chance of seeing a wireframe of this to see how bad the mesh actually is?

Blenders Booleans are horrible, to say the least. I have asked several times for improved Boolean features, but it seems other things are required/prioritzed first. Oh well, I guess I will continue to wait.

Nice render though. Lighting seems a little plain. Can you advise your light setup?


Cool, I really don´t get booleans…
What tutorial did you follow?

sorry, it was bryce not 3ds max.
theirs looks moree crystal than mine…

I agree with BgDM. Blender is IMO the best 3d graphics software but its’ boolean sucks. If you try to put a door in a wall you get 60 extra vertices. Anyway, your render in particular is amazing quality, it’s sort of hard to tell what your looking at, can you add som shots from a different angle? Keep up the good work!