Super Simple Question....

First, I’m a new member of this forum as are my interests with getting to know blender - and I’m glad to be here.

Here’s the question:

When I start blender it starts out with a simple squared object. Now I delete that and I have nothing - because I want to start from scratch. My first self-assignment is how to model a polygon from scratch: So… the question is, is there a way to INDIVIDUALLY PLOT POINTS and then somehow turn those points into a POLYGON (sorta’ like lightwave3d)? Hope the question makes sense…

For those of you who reply, thanks for your time in advance. :smiley:

In a simple answer, no. Sorry, but that is the fact jack.

You need to do ADD>MESH for poly’s, or ADD>Surface for NURBS surfaces. If yoiu want a single vert, then just insert a basic plane and delete 3 verts. Then position and then face from there.

Welcome to the blender community too! :wink: Hope you have a blast, as we all do!


BgDM, thanks for the reply. After I posted this thread, I went to “experiment”, and yes, my findings concur with your suggestion. The way to do what I wanted to do is to ADD a plane, and work from there.

Thanks 8)


you can add single vertice by holding Ctrl and Left Clicking. If you already have a vertex selected, an edge will be formed to the new vertex.


Theeth, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I did found-out by “experimenting” on how to add vertices. But is there to add a vertex from zero-objects, without having to have a initial object, such as a plane?

Thanks :smiley:

well, no. How would Blender know if you want to add a Mesh or a NURBS patch or a bezier curve that way?


Yeah, the vertexes aren’t objects in and of themselves like in lightwave. It’d be a nice feature to add when the sources are released.

Also note that the vertexes aren’t always drawn along a flat plane, as you’d expect.

Coming from a lightwave background myself, I found the best way to start a model in blender is to actually use a Circle mesh with a high vertex count (like 20-32) and then just move the vertexes around until I get a good starting shape. Then it’s just a matter of deleting edges, drawing new verts, and extrusion/face creation. Another nice thing about blender is that subdivide works on edges and polygons, so if you select two verts and subdivide them you get two edges joined by a new vert in the middle.

I think you can plot point by point…not to say that it’s easy…but if you add an object and delete all the vertices you don’t want (SPACE --> ADD MESH --> PLANE --> B --> CLICK AND DRAG OVER THE PLANE --> X -->OK), you can add verts from scratch by holding down control and left clicking with the mouse where you want it. If you have a vertex currently selected, then an edge will be built between your first vertex and a new one. You then make faces by selecting a group of vertices and pressing Control-f.

Hope this works - it’s been a long time since I built models this way!!!