super simple questions... (2 total)

even if you only know the answer to one, please tell me. Any help is appreciated.

Your game is looking good! I love your spider.

To be able to help, I will need to know a few things about your settings.

  1. What Display Shading are you using?

b. Multitexture
c. Singletexture

  1. Do you have your textured objects set on shadeless?

Goran just did a really cool tutorial about Parralax Textures you might want to check out for your awesome floor texture.
I found CrazyBump free and very useful when making bump maps and does some crazy good Parralax shadows off your bump maps.

For the camera to turn with your object, you could either try the camera actuator like I showed you in the first tutorial or maybe try to offset the origin on the plane that you have the camera parented to. With the origin in the center, the whole plane rotates around the z axis without moving the origin where the camera is actually focused on. Try adding another plane in front of your original plane and parent it to the plane you already have then Parent the camera to the new plane. This way the camera will focus on a plane orbiting the plane spinning over your mighty warrior’s head.

I love the sword, it’s looking really good.

I started a Twitter account to gain some followers and to tweet my up-coming tutorials. I got an unexpected tweet from Blender Cookie asking me where I wanted to post my up-coming tutorials. I have been busy setting up a good social network for the Dreality brand. So far, I got all the major ones such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blender Artist, Blender Cookie, and my own website with nothing on it but a title insofar. I will continue to keep building a larger social network and start making my tutorial series.

Wow! I wrote you a long letter, but then forgot to send it, and it was deleted.
By playing with the GLSL thing, I fixed my shader problem.
I fixed my camera based on your suggestion.
and am now downloading CrazyBumpSetup.exe

Tell me when your tutorial series goes live!