Super SizeMe Bunny [lowpoly]

Its not finished but for me it is…

Oh and I did a lil recording with the blender new selection features… totaly awsome! [Windows media 9 encoded]

The tris count can be loweres to around 1k tris but I got other things todo, I just saw a funny image @ and wanted to model it.

great modelling! like the strange proportions
and thanks for the vid, good way to look over the shoulder of talented people.

btw the oringal concept art is here:

…Just wanted to give the design credits since it wasn’t me who figured these wacky proportions

Nice job. Ready for the game engine.

This reminds me of something you’d see in The Maxx. Very stylish. The ears are my favorite part by far. Is that a crayon in the concept art or what?

I added subsuf with creases… such power in blender :slight_smile:

:o My my… I’m so in love with this piece of software.

One thing… seems as though there isn’t as much detail in the toes as there is in the fingers at this point. Have you just not finished those portions?

very cool. I like it.