Super Smith Shop Show

Sci-fi Smith Simulation Game!

Super Smith Shop Show is an educational electronic game. Focused only on mathematics, with the purpose of exercising and fixing the contents of high school. Offering an escape from the traditional teaching method, with fun and constructive content. The game will be enjoyable and addictive, will have a captivating story with beginning, middle and end, breaking with the addiction in term.

The story will end by reinforcing the need to bring to real life the knowledge and skills built through the playful universe of the game, and the need to continue to progress in studies.

  1. Graphics: I will use my graphic style! :rofl:
  2. Genere: Musical Puzzles and simulating. The process will be to play a drums (like guitar hero and others). the success rate will cause the state of the object to be decided.
  3. Level: Will be a Space Smith Shop and will only have 3 locations: workshop, shop and a room. Spacebase anchoraged in a comet.

Main character concept

Main character lowpoly:

First comes the Forge


Anvil 02 Concept:


Creating new characters and assets.

Pit A. Goras is gonna be his master.

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interesting :thinking:, im curious to see a gameplay video!
So far so good…