Super Sword - very fast boolean tool

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: I released my new addon on gumroad,
it is Super Sword !

It supports boolean operations :
Subtract, Intersect, Union,
and also it can add a mesh without boolean. :grinning:

  1. Select a face or an edge
  2. Run the tool (right click, or you may add it to quick menu)
  3. Drag and draw a rectangle, it is the top plane of the cutting box
  4. Drag again, to create depth of the cutting box
  5. You can change mode by pressing Z, X, C , V key.
  6. Click on anywhere, to confirm the action ! done!

It is fast and simple. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note that :

  1. It is destructive boolean, it does not create modifier.
  2. It works on single mesh, in edit mode.
  3. I tested it on blender 2.9 only.

Hope you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Super Sword (blender addon)


HI, it’s free (or may be 2 $ for support ) so is super cool thanks for that :slight_smile: but when you have, like me a lot of boolean addon like boxcutter quick shape G- lasso etc…it’s just one more.
Can you implement something like that ? with the knife tool boolean operation ??

Hello ! This addon is not free, it is $2. :slightly_smiling_face:
boxcutter is a more advanced tool ! It has many functions, such as those shape tools.
I will try to implement more functions to Super Sword,
but it will not has same amount of functions as boxcutter :wink:
Anyways, if you want to support my development, please consider buying it :smiley:

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Blender need cool quad remesher with proper edge flow. Maybe you can do such addon? :smiley:

I am interested :smile: I will study it when I have time!
Now I focus on improving Super Sword first :wink: make it cool !

Update version 1.2 :
Now add the Array mode ! :smiley:
Now you can hold Shift + drag to make copies ! Easily!

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Thanks, do you know this add-on?

I don’t know this. But I am sure there are many boolean addons. It is totally user’s freedom to use what they like :smiley:

There is one thing that makes the workflow a bit annoying. To do the 2nd step you have to click a 2nd time. Why not let go after the first one and then be in the 2nd. This follows rather blenders behaviour (and other addons). Otherwise very practical addon. :+1:
Edit: On the German keyboard the “Z” is in a completely different position. The row is “Y,X,C,V” would be nice to have a preference to change.

Thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I will try to add options!
hmm… then it has to provide a way for the user to select another face… ?
It draw rect on the co-planar surface of the selected face :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Let me think about it.

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I see! The final “confirm” click :slightly_smiling_face:
It let you to further modify the cutter mesh. For example, currently it allow you to use “Array” function.
Before the final click, you can hold Shift and drag, to create a array of your cutter mesh.

Of course! :smiley:

Version 2 is released !
Now you can modify the cutter mesh in normal blender’s way. You can rotate, resize, bevel… anything.
And you can also Ctrl + Shift + drag to copy it many times in a row.
After all modification, just press Z key to commit the subtract, that’s it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Please refer to gumroad description for details.

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And you can draw n-gon on the face to cut too!

Why don’t you add a ‘slice’ option too? It is already there in ‘bool tools’ in Blender.

Hi, the addon does not use BoolTool.

I read the tutorial about boolean , and now I understand what you mean “slice” now :smiley:
(I have no idea about it before)
I will try to add this.

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I added the Slice function in the addon :sunglasses:
It is V key, you may have a look


Thanks! Now the boolean operations are complete in the add-on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @Kushiro
I bought this plugin yesterday together with the Grid Modeler after watching them for a while. I think some of the most fun part of cool plugins is to follow the development. Maybe seeing more uses for it or more functions. The little I have played with Super Sword it feels very powerful and fast. But that said, I don’t know how to find any use for it. If I need to cut holes, it would be in a specific place and size. I don’t see anyway of controlling that as it is. If Super Sword would let me draw the cut area with snapping to edges or if it could use the size and placement of a selected face for creating a cutting shape, then I think it would be easy to make precision cuts. Then I guess it could be combined with Grid Modeler in a work flow?

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