Super Sword - very fast boolean tool

Hello! Super Sword is my first boolean addon. The concept is that you drag and draw a rectangle, and then drag again to set the depth, this two steps procedure create a cutter mesh (or other boolean operation). When I develop this, I don’t have the concept of precise placement yet. So Super Sword let you draw and cut freely and fast, but it assume that you do not need to measure anything. For example, you use mirror modifier, then use Super Sword to randomly cut on it, to create some cool shape, it mirror both sides, so it looks good. But the cut itself does not need any alignment.

Then, I have the idea of accurate measurement and placement, but I decided to create a new tool. It use a completely new system and new code, it becomes grid modeler. So they serve different purposes :slight_smile: But yes, may be it is useful to add some edge-snapping to super sword. I will consider that in future :slight_smile: Thank you!

If I use a mirror modifier, then you are right, I should be able to to do some work with it. Good idea. But in many cases I would probably need to go in and fix measurements afterwards. I was hoping that Super Sword would now or in the future help me do some fast cutting away work when modeling rooms, buildings, furniture and vehicles. But then again, cuts does not have to be precise to a measurement at a concept stage, mirroring should help. Thank you for the story behind the development. I love good ideas and how they came to be. I will get back to playing with your add-ons, I have a lot to learn and explore.

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No problem, you are welcome! :slight_smile:

Testing cutting with mirror modifier. Last test fails where only the face is cut.

I see, it is blender boolean limitation :smile:. Blender’s boolean API is not stable, and it cannot handle overlapping faces (co-planar). I tested many boolean cases, and blender fail many times…

In this case, it was only when making a hole that it couldn’t handle overlapping. Blender has a lot of limitations. Add-ons can bridge some, but I guess they also hit walls. If I’m not mistaken, there might be a upgraded boolean system in next Blender version. Maybe that would change things?

I tested some boolean on 2.91a, different cases, but it seems that it has other problems too…
Anyways, hope to improve it in future.