Super Villain Thing

This is my first upload on this site, it’s a work in progress that i started work on yesterday. so far i only have one render of this character and i was hoping for some feedback on what i need to do to improve this, i can tell there are a few things wrong with it, but i’m relatively new to blender, cycles and CG in general. Any thoughts?

The Bad UV mapping on the right arm is a mistake ive already noticed which i am fixing today.

Criticism is very welcome and would be appreciated greatly, thanks


Also, if anyone can think of a good name for this guy then let me know, i can’t think of anything that suites him.

(and also, sorry for posting this render twice under two threads, i’m new here and didn’t really know what i was doing)

too much after effect guy. Did you model him yourself or used make human or some sort of pre made model (it looks very generic) ?

Ill post on here too. The glow on the face seema a lil off, but the rest is good! And the generic feel mentioned gives him a divine feel, like a god. Name is something divine.

This character was made using make human, then altered slightly in blender. As for the glow, yeah i felt that too, i was having trouble using the directional blur node during compositing. I think i’ll add a few object passes so that one effect doesn’t alter the whole image. and as for the name, yeah i can go with that. thanks for the feedback guys, helps me out a lot

Lookin foward to seein it!

Should have a new render of this posted up in a day or to, got a lot of shifts at the moment. but i can squeeze in enough time to get some work done on this.

cool man! Lookin foward to it

Made a few adjustments, this is still a very early W.I.P though, only had about 4 hours to work on this since i started the project.

I removed all the composoting nodes so that you can see the original render

I’ve added a few more nodes to my skin shader and i’ve also altered the colours of the skin texture.
I also changed the mapping for the normal maps that contribute to the scarring effect on the characters skin.
The changes i made to the smoke seemed to make it completely invisible on this render, but i know why, it’s simply because the colour is too dark and merges with the background.

I’ve only been using blender for three months in total, and i have no previous experience on any other software, so if any one has any advice for me to improve this it will be very usefull.