Super Wu again?!????!!!

I’m scared. I swear, today at my school, I caught a glimpse of this kids shirt, it had the superman logo thing, with WU written off center right next to it!!! I flipped! Next time I see that shirt, I’m going to ask him about it…


Super Wu will take our shops, burn our homes, enslave us to make suits and monuments in his supposed awsomeness.:eek:

Not so if this Cyborg Dragon is around.

“enslave us to make suits”

like out of our skins? scary. I’m going to vote for kodos instead

for those of you who do not know who the wu-ster is…

Aquaint yourself with the legend…
click here for “The very first Super Wu-Man Image” (created by the one and only Sago!)
click here for “The origins of Super Wu-Man” (the forum thread were super greateness was born!)
click here for “The Intro” (meet the real wu…the legend…the man…the babe magnet…you knew it!)
click here for “The Game” (let your greatest dream come true…be WU-MAN!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man 3d Game” (the greatest 3d game…EVER!!)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Song!” (created by funk master Modron!)
click here for “The Real Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
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click here for “The Mask of Super Wu-Man” (rated 4 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
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click here for “The Super Wu-Man Wallpaper Background” (art by Sago, Modron and AndyD)
click here for “Discussion about Super Wu-Man!!” (people talking about how they wish they were the wuster)

for those of you who know who the wu-ster is…watch your back…

it also may be possible that me and a certian wu-man buddy may be trying to make a t-shirt of our own…lets just say all profits will go to the blender foundation… because wu-man represents all that is good, all that is strong…and all that makes women shake untill they passes out in a state erotic electronic frustration…yes…you knew it was right!

Sorry, but as a Cyborg Dragon I have to stop you.

You claim to be all that is good but all you want is to have total influence and control over both the Blender Foundation and this forum.

You claim to be all that is good but all you want is to have total influence and control over both the Blender Foundation and this forum.

Hmmm, for some reason “glass houses” flashed into my mind upon reading this :slight_smile:

Hey Wu: you forgot my Sago-inspired World Cup image - or was it meant to be your “favourite render so far”? You actually put your wallpaper on that link you dolt! In fact, you linked to your wallpaper a few times. Geez Wu, get with the program.

Not to mention my entry in this weekend’s Comic Challenge. What entry you ask? I said not to mention it. (I didn’t mean to mention it myself but I’d already posted this message before I realised what I’d done!)

Super-Wu is becoming a cult phenomen :smiley:

You should try to sell ur costume on ebay in a while. See how much money you’ll get for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a pill and chill, Mechanic Lizard. We’re not asking you to like Wu-Man™ (the character), but there’s no need to talk like that to Wu-Man (the loser on this forum). I mean, “all you want is to have total influence and control over both the Blender Foundation and this forum”… gimme a break, man.

The origin of Wu-Man™, super or not, lies within the creating ability of Sago (he, and he alone) being truly inspired by Wu (he, and he alone). Here we have the strongest duo, capable of reaching the masses with their combined skills. Therefore Wu-Man™ cannot be stopped. I claim Wu-Man™ as mine, I claim Wu-Man™ as ours. We are WuSago… unstoppable.

now pull my finger

Don’t you have to pay to get it trademarked like that? I know that TM isn’t free.

Mechanic Lizard, hmm, I’ll add that to the long list of names I’ve been called while being Cyborg Dragon.

Cyborg Dragon
Dragon boy
Mechanic Lizard



You forgot Wind-up Chicken

“WuSago” is freakin’ hiladious… hidarious… blah… my indian tourette iis acting up.

Cyber Dragon: Stop trying to stop the Wu-Man. Did I just call you by another name… bwahahaha… :smiley:

Sago, what exactly did you mean by “reaching the mass”?

more names for cyborg dragon:
cyber boy (alternatively, just “cyber”)
tin lizard
bionic newt

Reaching a wide audience, a large number of people.

oh, masses

Thanks for the correction, this will help me even more to reach the mass.

I mean masses

How 'bout “Cryborg”.

I like

bionic newt

Its seems fitting.

Will the Wu-man costume be out for Halloween?

Well, that shirt still surprised me.

ahmen…thats all i have to say…Ahmen!

kit89- the super wu-man costume is not a toy, it is not a conversations starter, a gag, it is a way of life, the super wu-man costume represents strength, respect, power, erotic passion, and intelligence…but you wouldnt know anything about that…halloween costume…leave before i anger…

Blenderist- …read the above post…

AndyD- yes both your images are good, in fact they are great, not because you have skill, not because you have ability, but because they feature the super greatest in all his wonderful glory…yes, you are right, you are right, super greatest wu-man is …super greatest what else!! i will add the 3d image, but keep the 2d image in my personal collection, it is a important picture…it captures the sago-wu perfect, we form like voltron, i’m the head, you know good looks, brains, sago is the rear end…you know…well you know…were like bert and ernie…