Super Wu man in 2.5

There was a thread started awhile back about redesigning Suzanne for 2.5. Most users were against that because of the history behind Suzanne who has become Blender’s equvilant of the Utah Teapot. I recently tried out a trial version of zbrush which allows you to use some ready made meshes. It got me thinking that it would be really nice if Blender had something similar in terms of a fully rigged character built in.

The problem was at the time I couldn’t think of a character with enough cult history to suggest as a standard model of sorts. That is until I was exploring the interweb and all and run a search for toons and Blender and run into SuperWu Man. I can’t think of a funnier character that would make a neat built in character.

The usefullness of having a fully rigged character built in would be it could make tutorial writing easier and all. Am not much of rigger myself so I can see the value of having a fully rigged character espeically one that could have documentation written around it. I have download my fair share of rigs and they can be equally confusing when the come with zero documentation.

what about mancandy?

Bikkie-Dikkie surely:

What happened to Sago anyway? His cartoon work was awesome. Since he got famous with BBB, he stopped being all about the puerile knob jokes. He’s forgotten his roots. :frowning:

All we have to remember him by are the emoticons. Even that guy over on the right is sad about it.

You can put in any rigged mesh besides that wannabe you put in the title.

How about a Dragon:D

Yeah, by defealt in pink colors and a bending pose.

Damn, I miss hanging around this place…

yeah, we be missing your jokes and antics too. :ba:

seriously though, it would be awesome if you could release the wu-man model to the community,
although I guess this is up to both you and wu. :slight_smile:

@artzor wu-man has cult status I wasn’t a member of this site when this phenom first struck but dig up some threads and you will see that the wu-man is in an orbit of his own. The cult status and history would make it a cool addition to Blender like Suzanne who also has her own history of sort.

NO WAI@!!!

Wu-Man is lame compared with Suzanne. Suzanne forever! Wu-Man? Neveh Evah!!.

                      Bikkie-Dikkie surely:

lol good one

wu-man would be cool but I wouldn’t release it just on the grounds of “cult status” because then we would have to include such things as a yellow cube with interesting lighting and a fan made of cubes. Admittedly I wasn’t around for either, I’m pretty sure, but I’ve seen the stories :smiley:

-1. Not needed as most of us don’t know anything about this character, and it’s not that polished looking. We should present Blender the same way that Luxology present Modo or that XSI used to, with Class.
That’s why I was in favor of reworking Suzanne. :slight_smile:


why not make something new while still retaining the old ?
a cuter version of Suzanne and Friends


i miss you too sago

love, fuzzmaster

just another one of blenders many hidden features: shift ctrl W >> add >> super-wu-man

I would agree with that. The thing is the original name had the significance iirc, not the mesh so perhaps it could be a female character (a wuman if you like) called suzanne. It was changed to monkey I think because people expected someone called suzanne.

Your avatar for example looks great and a character like that is capable of testing so many more things than suzanne like cloth, hair, SSS, full body rigging, walk cycles, cel shading.

The splash screens in Blender could have the character with various expressions and scenes.

I know Wu-Man is a cult figure but Suzanne could be the girl he’s trying to get.

The style I like is the wide-eyed, toon style, like this:

Venomgfx’s modelling style is good for this, although it’s more animals. The sheep in the latest splash screen look quite cool as characters but then you’d get comparisons to Shaun the sheep from Wallace and Gromit.

To avoid sexualizing the character, she could be a young girl like Boo from Monsters Inc (who also seems to miss Sago, awww - this was in Google btw):

She could have a bear as a companion like Stewie in Family Guy.

The style could be like Jack-Jack even:

Just a fun character that people want to associate with Blender - a deformed monkey doesn’t quite fit that requirement.

A normal monkey might do ok though:

At least someone around here has sense (in that he thinks super-wu is just lame and even just a failed wannabe hero):eyebrowlift:

Though I’m also not big into Suzanne, but I do understand why she is included as a Blender primitive.

I wouldn’t even suggest remodeling or touching Suzanne at the risk of starting another pointless flame war. I for one would not suggest doing anything to her. The very nature of an icon is that and it doesn’t change and its repeated use imprints on peoples minds. The Utah teapot hasn’t been touched in over 30 years probabley that fact and its repeated use make it an easily recongnised icon Suzanne is the same you stand to loss more from a redesign than you think.

I remember Mordan started anew version of Super-Wu which was not finished you could easily push the style to be a bit like that of the miscellaneous supers from the Increadibles.

But my reasons for suggesting the addtion of a rigged character are much the same as yours osxrules

Yeah the new one I made is pretty much finished except for the legs. I should probably finish that model, thanks for reminding me.

That’s true, people complain about anything and everything. Even the new interface in 2.5 even though it’s much better you get people going ‘wahhh, give me back my horizontal panels, I don’t want to learn a better way to work. Wahhh, I don’t want nodes, let me just use a single panel’. Mainly Endi, he just wants an interface like Maya or 3DS Max. :wink:

The monkey doesn’t have to go though, just that Suzanne could be something else. The monkey isn’t called Suzanne any more, it’s called monkey.

He looks too heroic though. I saw Wu-Man being more like Adam Sandler:

That character above in Glenn’s avatar looks great:

Obviously not that character for suzanne but that style is great - check out the 4th image in the list. Such an expressive character.

No reason not to have all the characters to be honest, except it inflates the size of Blender a bit. A girl (Suzanne), a boy (Wu-Man), a Man (ManCandy and/or the MakeHuman) and a woman (maybe a Makehuman mod) and possibly a sheep from Yo Frankie.

Some people who are beginners or want to focus on shading/lighting/rigging don’t really have a place to start in Blender. That’s why you end up with the cubes, spheres and monkeys in tests. Extra meshes at least means they can make much more interesting scenes for testing.