Super Wu-Man Shop CLOSED...(mods please unsticky thread)............super wu is great

Thank you to everyone who bought from the Super Wu store. Thanks to Sago for the great images for the Super Wu shop. Big thanks to BgDM for pinning this thread (and buying this junk!! haha!).

I will drive the armored car over to the blender foundation this week with the bags and bags of pennies…$30 of pennies to be exact.

Big thanks to everyone, maybe in the future we can do it again if the foundation needs help. But I think this fat mountian of cash will keep the blender foundation alive for many years to come!


Donate Directly to the Blender Foundation!

You can click below to donate directly to the Blender Foundation.
image by AndyDee’s Nuts
Image by Sago
Image by Sago
Image by Sago

Learn about Super Wu-Man, and how the greatest lover/hero was created from a human seed, and a massive bolt of lightning!!! Hear from Super Wu-Man and his father/creator Sacha Gooberstein, in this amazing, jazzersizic interview video clip…

Introducing Super Wu-Man
flash, 10MB
Click Here to Watch

Super Wu-Man featured on artical!!!
Super Wu-Man, a BlenderArtists Phenomenon (incase you missed it, the title says PHENOMENON!!!)

click here for “The very first Super Wu-Man Image” (created by the one and only Sago!)
click here for “The origins of Super Wu-Man” (the forum thread were super greateness was born!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man in BWC Promo” (super wu-man owns the BWC, art by Sago!)
click here for “The Intro” (meet the real wu…the legend…the man…the babe magnet…you knew it!)
click here for “The Game” (let your greatest dream come true…be WU-MAN!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man 3d Game” (the greatest 3d game…EVER!!)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Song!” (created by funk master Modron!)
click here for “Super Wu Alternative Wu Musical Wu Masterpeice” (new funky song, you knew it was RIGHT!!)
click here for “The Real Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “The Mask of Super Wu-Man” (rated 4 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Lost Mojo Movie Poster!” (brilliant poster art by Mhpe…rated 4 stars…!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Blender Challenge Entry” (winner! 83% of the votes…but… i’m not bragging)
click here for “Super Wu Power Flexing” (for the ladies…super wu flexing the pythons…orginal art AndyD!!)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man Comic Entry” (awsome comic cover…butt shot for the ladies)
click here for “Super Wu-Man and Sago Comic Challange Entry” (soon to be winner of the challange!!)
click here for “Another Super Wu-Man model” (super wu-man’s favorite render so far!)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man model” (this one is for the ladies, super wu with full mojo!)
click here for “YASWM…yet another super wu-man” (a happy super wu-man…a bit too happy??)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Wallpaper Background” (art by Sago, Modron and AndyD)
click here for “Discussion about Super Wu-Man!!” (people talking about how they wish they were the wuster)
click here for “What happens when you buy from the Wu-Shop!” (true story…of the power of the wu clothing line!)
click here for “Who/What the Hell is Wu” (a breif summary about who/what super greatness is…duh!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Banner on!” (artwork by Sago…featureing Super Greatness!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Shop!” (Super Wu-Man is selling shirts that helps weak loseres like you get chicks!!)

image by Sago…greatness by Super Wu-Man!!!..

looks like your flash clip wouldn’t even load at all.

Flash clip doesn’t work on Firefox, but works fine on IE. Fix it for FF!

Edit: Saw your clip on IE. It’s pretty funny! I don’t raelly like those fake teeth though. I suggest getting rid of them, and maybe adding some fake “perfect teeth”. That way the women will allways fall for you. And kissing won’t feel weird.

You have to be kidding me…

Perhaps also post a link to the “Super Wu-Man Shop!” at the very top of your post? (including info about where the profits will go)

God, you’re the worst PR-man ever…

wow. I had no idea how deep the madness was. sort of like peering into the rabbit-hole…

2 shirts please.

…and a thong. shhhhh… it’s a… a gift. yeah. a gift.

but seriously, I bought a shirt. (and only because sago posted the link) :cool::cool::cool:

nerdranger thongs forthcoming shortly, I assume. it will be a popular item, what with its aphrodisiacal properties

Haha, the Super Wu-Man Thong! Have to get one of these :D.

That’s definitely a smart way to support the Blender Foundation (and worship your Wuness, of course).

I really like Sago’s artwork and bought the Black Manga Shirt of Inviciblity and a sticker :). Still thinking about ordering the thong…



Super Wu-Man THONGS!!!
Well there is a way to judge a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

I know someone who’s not gonna like this :smiley:
Great idea to support the Blender Foundation that way! Thumbs up, dudes :wink:

Fantastic stuff guys. Great idea to use the proceeds for the BF.

Just ordered mine.


Super Woman (I mean Wu-man) :),

The problem people are having with Firefox is a simple fix.

In your code you have

 <PARAM NAME="MOVIE" VALUE="superwu-manfinal.swf">
  <EMBED SRC="superwumanfinal.swf" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="266"

You’ll see you’re calling ‘superwu-manfinal.swf’ for the IE style flash embed, but calling ‘superwumanfinal.swf’ for the Firefox style embed. Of course, the second name (missing the hyphen) just results in a 404.

Wouldn’t want to see anything get in the way of spreading the Wu-word around the globe.

Recent studies have shown that by the year 2008 the super wu man culture will have engulfed the planet utterly, at which time, prices on super wu merchandise will skyrocket. Anyone without super wu t-shirts will risk being targetted by the super-wu-thug-squad, a yet to be realized eventuality of the ensuing madness that will take place.

radscientist- the page is fixed, so you can stop sending me private messages about how your life isnt complete untill you see my super dance move “Electronic Sexual Frustration”, i know your happy now…:smiley:

arr matey- thanks, fixed the link, yeah the teeth, women find it the most irresistable thing on earth, and dude please dont think what its like kissing Super Greatness, i’ll use a line from Sago…dont…just…dont…

enriq766- i know you cant believe it, A SUPER WU-MAN THONG!! how excited are you dude, haha, speechless, awsome!

sago- haha, fixed the link, and title, haha, i was only jokeing about beating you so bad that your atoms would split into a billion peices and that you would now be known as the vapor formally known as sago…because i actually am going to beat you worse then that…MONKEY!!

noderanger- thanks for the support man! by the way if the shirt sucks me and sago had nothing to do with this, you never saw us, *super wu-man waves hand like a jedi and runs the f out of here…

thoro- thanks for the support man! i know you already are pretty ill with the females, but with the super wu-man shirt of inviciblity you will be unstoppable as well as irresistable…haha!!

blenderist- they are also for men, see the post above you…i’m wearing one now…for it is great…

charelsworth999- the super sago-wu team represents all that is good, all that gets chicks, and all that is strong…and stuff…

BgDM- thanks for the support man! i wont even let everyone know what size you had to order…HAHA!! your the best dude!

86.5- thanks, i fixed the link this morning, i had the same problem awhile ago, i keep forgetting to change the second one, haha, thanks, page fixed!

Modron- you knew it! thanks for the song by the way, great stuff!

:smiley: by the way, super wu-man will be buying his stuff today, the combination of super erotic passion and power, combined with super erotic passion and power from the super wu-man shop is…super…you knew it!!:smiley:

are you so desperate for a ego boost that you are claiming that me, a deaf guy who can’t even keep a tune, want to see your dances?:wink:

Hehe I’m going to get me one of those t-shirts.

Err… will I have to try and animate Super-Wu’s super attack for the Wu game?

Sorry, none of that stuff really interests me, I tend to avoid most popular trends (Jeans, Ipods, Cellphones ect…).

And Modron, I don’t think that will happen as long a Cyborg Dragons are around to prevent that.

I shall authorize the sale of these to support the Blender Foundation and for Blender as long as they are not used for purposes to take over people or engulf the planet.

This has been a message from the Dragon, good day.

yeah…thats right

kit89- not really a super attack, more like a super move to get the ladies, but yeah it would be hilarious if in the game when super wu-man gets frustrated to do that move, haha!

carboard wagon- yeah? order report states you already bought a dozen super wu-man thongs???:confused:

Mom! I told you, when I’m in the basement, call me Super Wu-man!

Cracks me up!:smiley:


will I have to try and animate Super-Wu’s super attack for the Wu game?

Kit89: After seeing the recent video, I think you’ll need a softbody for that.

SWM: Imma order my shirt soon as I’m on a computer that allows it. Great idea to donate proceeds to the BF. Thanks for the generosity!

You don’t like jeans…??? Why…?
And if you’re not wearing jeans, then what? Seriously - the only clothing other than jeans (at least in my town) is girls dresses and skirts… (for the lower part of the body…)

On topic: Sago and Super Wu, you guys are really funny, you both have a great sense of humour!
When i save some money i’ll definately buy a T-shirt…