Super Wu-Man Shop CLOSED...(mods please unsticky thread)............super wu is great

Zazu: Lederhosen ftw…

Or maybe he just secretly likes to wear nothing but the Super
Wu-Man Thong…?:wink:

Super Wu, how about some other products like : Super Wu Lighters,
Super Wu Masks, Super Wu Pens or Super Wu Toiler paper. Something that people can use more every day. I’m sure that even carboard wagon would buy Super Wu Toiler paper :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I’d buy something too but I’m currently quite broke.

$100 guys? way to aim high. I assume the rest goes towards feeding sago’s diaper addiction and wu’s addiction to… uh… weird pills

come on I think $300 is reasonable? nobody even cares if you make it but at least it makes you look more charitable

and wow - I would buy like a dozen super-wu lighters

the mphe- haha, you crack me up…wait what…hey man, i would love to add your latest super wu image to the list, however you know that my current parinoia keeps me from adding a link, any chance of editing the image with a different name, such as Eric Wu…yeah Eric Wu is awsome, sorry about the sensitivity…but i’m a super hero i can do things like that…

CD38- haha, soft body, haha, yeah glad to help out the foundation!

Zazu- thanks buddy, by the way Sago isnt funny at all…not really…nah…

Blenderist- pens, lighters, why didnt Sago and I think of that, haha, got to look into that stuff,

Noderanger- hmmm, yeah $300 would be awsome, maybe if we could talk the moderators into makeing this a sticky thread we could get $300,

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: NOTE TO MODERATORS:D :smiley: :smiley:
If you guys were able to make this a sticky thread we could try to raise $300 for the blender foundation. I would be willing to add more video clips, perhaps a special dontaion clip featuring the “Super Wu-Man Orange Manga Shirt of Passion” with karate flexing for the girls…

If next halloween I have to see a Super Wu with every group of trick-or-treaters, I’ll either self destruct or not hand out candy until the whole thing is over with.

Beware of it becoming a fad though, you know what happened to beanie babies because of that.

Just don’t try to constrict the world in your influence and just get Blender development going and me and my allies won’t have to stop you.

You heard the man! Get to work on those masks and we’ll be rid of cardboard wagon for good :stuck_out_tongue:

Wu: Thanks, man. Understand you don’t like your name to be known, and removed
it from the thread now. Made it “Eric Wuster” (“Wu” seemed too short). Hope
it’s okay now, though it was just a bit better before, IMO. Sounded much…cooler… :slight_smile:

Anyways, there ya go…! Happy to help! :smiley:

Super-Wu for the President!

You need the First Lady: Super-Wu-Gina.

And a proposal for the lead artist:

A poster:

“Super-Poo (…smells like a Wu spirit)”

What? No Super Wu-Man asparagus steamer? Lint remover? Lava lamp?

Wu, you might just be the new icon of blenderartist culture, right next to Ton and Suzanne. I demand a cameo of you in the next Orange Team Project.

He becomes president (or even worse, president of the world) I’ll have to assemble an army of robotic Dragons (since I’m the world’s only real Dragon). And break the foundations of his regime.

By the way, I have pioneered an exciting new experiment in dietary supplements:

The Super Wu-Man Energy Drink!

After many attempts at replicating the chemical nature of Wu’s mojo, I have created my first prototype!

I drank it for myself, and I all can say now is that hordes of beautiful women are clambering over piles of dead ninjas just to hear the now godlike sound of my voice, explaining how many bison I can lift with the newly grown hairs on my chest.

The product is not yet ready to be sold in stores. I hope to be able to sleep by next August.

Like people are actually going to use a drink to give them Super Wu powers. Which is successfully countered with another drink with cellular structure changing qualities that morphs any drinker into a Dragon (like me).

This would be just to make Super-Wu man ticked off that he couldn’t stop it from going into production and/or people from drinking it.

You need to make Wu-man sweat pants! I would buy those.

Super Wu-Man, it won’t be long before people start naming their kids after you:

Super Wu-Man Johnson
Super Wu-Man Jordan
Super Wu-Man 15

Or the kids will just be named Wu.

Heck even the basketball mascot of the biggest university in our town is named Wu. (that was long before Wu-man ever came into being)

I’d rather the name ‘Dragon’ be more popular then Wu though.

Cardboard-Chicken McWu!


cyborg dragon- i know your just having fun, but try not to talk too much crap, mmmkay, we are trying to do somthing positive for the foundation, so talk sh** if you want, but try to limit your posts to one or two, five a day is a bit much, you wouldnt want to f up my work and sago’s work here would you…i’ll eat your babies

m.h.p.e.- it is a great image, thank you for the great update, the link has been added, great stuff!

tedi- hmmmm it would have to be first ladyS…super wu-man has those types of skills, the whole world knew that was right!

rocketman- ahhh, now that would be awsome!! right there with ton, suzanne, and super wu-man, that would rock!! by the way this may or may not be a attempt at major ass kissing to get to try and be apart of the next project orange…but you didnt hear from me…buy lots of stuff…you didnt hear it from me…yeah me and sago…orange two…buy stuff…

orinon119- sweat pants or sweet pants…i dont even know what that joke was supposed to mean…ah move along…move along…nothing to see here…

skottish- awsome, super wu-man jordan…awsome!!

saxafoner- cardboard wagon mc dork burger deluxe, that will be cyborg dragons new name, i would love to see sago attempt to make a caricature of that! :Dhaha!:smiley:

Super-Wu, what else is there to do if I’m already practically known as your horrible, but lovable arch enemy who wants to prevent you from influencial world takeover.

I could see it, the first Super-Wu movie in theaters with Wu going head on against the forces of the Dragon.

. . . then suddenly, Cyborg Dragon was Banished from his 4 th life, only to reincarnate as an offspring of Wu-man and Nurse betty.


This thread rules so much.