Super Wu man's empire is growing, he must be stopped immediately.

Sago pointed out that Blendernation has been Super Wu-fied with a new banner glorifing his image. Here’s reasons he must be stopped.

1). Sago must also be stopped because he is the Wu’s main sidekick.
2). Blendernation has been taken over, the great Bart has succumbed to influence.
3). An increasing number of forum members are starting to glorify and even worship him.
4). A strong belief that his influence will be felt across the world in the real world and the internet.
5). A real threat that the Blender Foundation must act upon to avoid Super Wu-mans appearence in Blender and its development itself.

His empire is growing, and this Dragon needs allies to stop him once and for all, we shall defeat him and dance on his head and imprison him inside a giant Dragon statue. For the allies of the Dragon will be the ones that liberate this forum from the Super-wu-man influence that has set it.

Your choice.

Side with the Dragon
Or that wannabe super hero with piano teeth called Wu.

I think I’m gonna create my own sect called ‘The Sect of the Allmighty PETER!’
Together we will destroy all sects (except our own…) and rid the world of dragons and Super Wu Pants!
Those who want to join me, raise the White-Black Banner!

You’re all silly.

You know I’m the one who calls the shots. This here’s my turf.

Charlesworth, Dragons are one of the keys to stopping Super Wu-Man. Or maybe we can forge an alliance, one united goal being to stop Super Wu-Man himself.

ok, that’s it, WHY DO YOU FREAKIN’ CARE!!! Wu-Man is not some insane dictator, it just so happens that many people find him (and his happy little friend Sago) to be quite hilarious. Nothing more, nothing less. So he’s popular, and people want to make games and T-Shirts with him featured. so what? He’s like Homestar Runner, a fictional character being played by some overly-creative wack-job sitting in a corner office. Why discurage him, he’s what makes the forums amusing! The fact that he’s extremely popular also generates interest for the rest of the Blender development. All he is is a figurehead, a mascot of sorts. There, that’s it, Blender’s newest mascot. He’s just like my school’s resident midget; he may not be like everyone else, but he’s a likeable little guy, and everyone loves him, and he makes for a wonderful mascot during Spirit Week…

In short, cool it with the Wu-spazzin’, it’s grating my nerves…

Cyborg Dragon please stop makin’ these pointless threads. there are currently 4 of your threads in off topic chat and i sucpet that there will be more.
And stop talking about yourself in the third person!
Its okay for Super Wu to do it but not you!

It may not be the best humor but if you lack the ability to UNDERSTAND HUMOR then grow up a little bit, and gtfo off my internets.



Sago must also be stopped because he is the Wu’s main sidekick.

Hey, don’t call me Wu’s main sidekick, I’m the father creator of super Wu-Man (his words, not mine) haha

Anyway, if you think this is big, just wait a few days…


Ps. you should’ve seen the first version of the drawing; you were in it, Valarking was in it, even I was in it…

We might do that… if only I took this seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

“Cyborg Dragon is on a one man quest against Sago.”


Does anyone else have the same idea? :smiley:

This would make a very good caricature, so Sago, get to work :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, did anyone know that “sago” is a kind of palm tree?

Yeah… duh

Sago is also the name of a mine in West Virginia that was the site of a mining tragedy.

Where is the first version of the drawing?

Can we see it?:smiley:
(had to ask)


That’s all I have to say about this thread C.D. You’ve done it…again…

Cyber dragon you need a trip to penisland. To release some of the tension you build up on Sago and Wu.

Geez, what’s with the sudden interest… haha

Here’s the first (unfinished) version:

Had to lose this one because it wouldn’t work with the header-size… and because it didn’t make any sense and looked kinda gay.

Funny thing is when Bart asked for an image he actually meant a 3D-image, but all the time I thought he was talking about a drawing/comic (because of the ‘Sago should start a webcomic on BlenderNation’ thread). But it’s there, so all’s good. haha

I think it looks nice.

Has some humor too.:slight_smile:

And we needed this thread why?