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Here’s my version of Super Wuman! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from the dopey face, I think you give Wu-Man way too much credit in all other categories… :wink:

haha, i love it! and i’m sure sago will too,
its the best, great job, another image to add to the wallpaper for my computer
and another great link to add to my super wu-man art collection!!!


Woa, thanks!
I never knew that there was a user by the name of Super Wu-man :smiley:
Edit: Found out that you were Wu. Never mind this post :stuck_out_tongue:

this super wu is powerful indeed. i can definately see him menacing evil doers.

Now then.
Finished my first video of Super Wu.
Its my first video with an animated character thats controlled by an armature so go easy on me.
Here is the video(4.2mb)

HAHAHA! The basic animation actually helps the humor a bit, great job.

Okay, I’m often told off for being too hard on people so I’ll try to be gentle, especially since you asked us to go easy on you.

Animation is difficult, it takes time and planning and some basic understanding. No matter whether you use Maya, 3DS or Blender. If you work for Pixar, Disney, Sony or just for fun, you have to pay attention to certain rules that underpin all good animation and successful movies. Even simple animation can be seriously let down by ignoring important details. In your animation you have a musical score, a sporting theme, a super hero and have used a popular movie device with the rotating freeze-frame. These are very good but I see one major error that lets it all down - the real Wu would never get the ball in the hoop.

Otherwise, it’s a nice start.

AndyD - nice light note there, hilarious!

Yeah! :smiley:
Sorry about that. But I ain’t going to remake the whole video cause of that :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, made this image :stuck_out_tongue:'evil_small.jpg

There really needs to be a Wu-man repository, there’s at least 4 Wu models out there… Well, 5 if you count mine. :smiley: I personally prefer yours, the head is much better…

Yeah. More people should put their skill to the test by modellin’ and animating Super Wu-Man.