Superb Smash Bash (SSB) - Android Game

Wow it has been a very, very long time since I have posted here on the Blender Forum. I do hope this is the right section to post my 2D indie game. I just published an Android game (still doing updates) and would love the community to test it and give me feedback if possible. Here is the link:

In Superb Smash Bash, battle against other characters using your powerful moves!
Be crowned the winner by defeating all enemies!
Several character to play as.
Travel to different planets to find your next opponents.

Your galaxy is in trouble!
The Dimensionisists are on the hunt to take over the sun, as they need a new energy source.
Without this precious star, the galaxy will be unable to survive.
But before the sun is totally hijacked, the Dimensionists have planned a battle to be held on every planet of the galaxy, The Superb Smash Bash.
It is your job to compete in these battles, defeating the Dimensionists and saving the sun, and ultimately the entire galaxy!

~ Thank you very much in advance I do appreciate your interest :).