Supercar Concept 6 at the Track

I always like making an entire scene to go with my supercar concepts, so I finally got around to making a race-track inspired scene around my sixth supercar concept.

actually it looks quite cool!
For my taste the edges are a little bit to sharp, for example at the rear lights.

i think i’m impressed. maybe a “box” inside to block the track from rendering through the vents. but at face value, i think it’s a very impressive/clean display of a budding skill-set. can’t wait for 7.

Wow! You really went all out here, didn’t you?:smiley:

@strapazie: Thanks! This was definitely one of my more edgy cars.

@ironshirt: I did not notice that gaping hole there… I guess I was way too focused on the rest of the scene too notice that. There definitely will be a supercar concept 7, hopefully without a hole in it XD.

@Terrance8d: When I was making the scene, I just wanted to make something simple, maybe a street with a couple of trees; But I just could not stop developing the scene, until I decided to call it “finished” finally.

Looking very nice!