Supercar designed with blender on top cover of 3Dartist magazine

I designed and created this 3d model with blender3d.Btw It was 5 years ago and I shared it only on blendernation blog when this issue 83 was out.There were published other well known Blender3d experts too,mentioned with their work and tutorials in this issue.I thought it goes viral,so it will be shared here too.Anyway 3d modeling was created with blender3d,but 3d rendering,materials lighting was rendered with Simlab Composer which I got from developers.I tried to render it with cycles but my computer crashed several times.I think image resolution was over 6000 x 4000px or even more.Now I see in new Blender 2.82 cycles renders pretty fast even with my Ryzen5 CPU unit.Even my supercar was never built for my client,I sell this 3dmodel as my other vehicle designs too,for virtual worlds on online 3d stock market.On link below there is my enhanced design version with other rendering views too :wink:


Also there is hires image with some gimping of this supercar concept I designed on link below

For this 3DArtist issue you could type in google 3dartist issue 83 and you will find some links


Nice work! Is this the current issue of 3DArtist mag?

Thank you for your nice feedback.No it’s not current issue it was published 5 years ago,but still looking good.Particularly printed version look awesome, which 3DArtist stuff sent me :slight_smile: