Supercomputer + lux.

Hey all,

I’ve been playing with lux renderer lately, It’s an amazing piece of software and so easy to use, i’d recommend it!

Anyway, here is a work in progress model of a super computer, it’s based on a cray super computer, although the majority of the parts are just whipped up from the imagination.

I plan on modeling a cooling and PSU unit in the floor section and glass front, i also planning on making a room and having several of these machines wired up (were talking thousands upon thousands of wires at the back).

Anyway, this is after 34 minutes of rendering.


that’s pretty cool! I gotta look into Lux, all I hear is good things about it.

NOObhaxor: Thanks =D

Here is another update, it hasn’t been rendering for very long, a few minutes i think.

I’ve started to add some more details, i think i’ll let this render render for a few more minutes and then stop it, but i’ll just post an image now.


nice! it reminds me of Wargames.

A few updates.


I like the last one in the series of three.

This is a little disappointing, I read the title and at first thought that you were running Lux on a super computer… :stuck_out_tongue:
but I guess making one is next best, at least when it is one like you have going, love it!

I’ve just started to try lux as well and I agree that it is a really nice renderer. :cool:

Haha yea that’d be something, although i don’t think i’d be getting very far. Mobile phones are more faster than the cray super computers, says alot doesn’t it :wink:

Another render, 7 hours for this, then i find out that i need to use portals on the windows :eek:… Ah well at least using lux gives me the chance to play guitar :RocknRoll:


wow…had you let those render a little longer to get the grain down, I would have thought those were photos
awesome work dude

Nice work Daniel8488 I have to agree with jeepster if you had let the render run longer to remove as much of the grain as possible those renders would look like photos.

I just started using LuxRender myself and am impressed by it, some of their renders esp some watches in their gallery could have fooled me into believing the where photos