yay! i’m back!

well, i never actually went anywhere, i just stayed quiet for a lil while.

either way, im starting on a new project:

The Supercruiser.

i started actual work on this this afternoon, after finding this .blend stored away in an old folder of mine. the .blend that i found was JUST of the very front bit of the ship, so i decided to start work on it, because it reminded me of “shitty death” wich sort of gave me some inspiration to try to finish this project.

anyway, i plan on finishing the main shape of the ship before i move onto details, texturing + materials.

and finally, without further ado: The Yet-To-Be-Named Supercruiser!


Hey that is neat that you have started again on an old project. Yes the model does appear quite sci-fi. Look forward to your updates!

its good to know people still care, thanks kbot!

quick update, just added bulk to this area, will probably alter it a bit later on, works pretty well for now though!


This is my favorite kind of sci-fi, stout ships with lots of ugly support beams and armor plates and large gun batteries. That said, it does look a little bit too much like the Rodger Young from Starship Troopers.

it looks like what from what what?

well, if it does look like it, its not intentional, and i’m googling a picture of rodger young so i can sway away from it a bit…

EDIT: ok, this annoys me. i googles a pic of rodger young, attached the image

also attached the image of my inspiration for this project “shitty death”

i wasn’t aware of these siilaritys. either way, the project goes on…


a bit of progress for the few interested…


It’s quite probable that they’re not few, just not posting their interest :slight_smile:
Otherwise I really can’t say anything about the ship other than the fact that it looks v. good so far… Might want to reveal some of your plans or point out what you don’t like/would like to do/whatever… I really don’t have a lot to say about the ship atm :slight_smile:

works for me…

  1. i think i will redo the rear end of the ship, im not too happy wih it, looks blocky and rushed.

  2. i plan on massively greebling it, detailing it, and all the other essentials you might expect.

  3. GUNZ

4.i plan on maybe (very definately MAYBE) making moving parts and rigging them, for some sort of animation…?

anywayz, that is all that comes to mind right now for my plans.

suggestions anybody?

For the back of the ship I suggest you add large block like thrusters that stick out a little bit. Also in the center the lowest point is not as low as the lowest point on the nose area. I think you could try to both lower it and ad something like maybe a hangar or loading bay.

good work!

i think you deserve a cookie for that suggestion, wouldn’t have thought it myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

taken the suggestions into account, starting to redo the main body, made the center section lower, added some hangar/laoding bays ect ect ect…


almost done with the basic overall shape, just need to add a main bridge ontop of the flat long area in the lower middle area. also need to make 4 engine pods to use at the back, and 2 difeerent ones to use halfway down the ship.

any other ideas for what needs to be added?

also, it needs a name, so i am open to naming suggestions too…


Looking good. It has distinguished itself well from the Rodger Young and has a bit of a style all its own. So what kinda weaponry is it going to carry?

About the name - Harbinger?
About things that “need” to be added - honestly I think that your plan will pretty much get it done… Anything else that you may add is up to your preference :slight_smile:
You mentioned greeble-ing anyways so think about how it’s gonna look when you do that :wink:
Great so far!

@ sharper: what kind of guns? well, i am going to take somthing that you posted to me earlier in this thread… “stout ships with lots of ugly support beams and large armor plates and large gun batteries”

big ugly missile batteries, some form of massive hypersonic intestellar gattling gun.
none of my usual “energy” weapons and fancy stuff.
some kind of homing, good old fashion, massively desructive and volatile bombs.

any other suggestion about the weaponry in that style are also welcome.

@ Lwerewolf: i love it! harbinger! well i am definately crowning it that when i next get a chance to go on blender!
oh, and yeah, ive greebled so much stuff over the time i have used blender, i can almost visualise what it will look like: essintially the same, itll just have more intricate details, and make it look substantially cooler!

Newly crowned “Harbinger” with some savage looking first guns!