Superfast modeling and stencil method! Map here free!

Hi Guys, here i want to share with you a super fast method of modeling.
Do you know those times when you are inside a model and you want to insert vertexes, edges, etc, and you want to align them to a circle, an angle, etc? But you either end up adding a circle, cube, etc just for reference, or you push them arund but they are not precise.
Here the solution: add the map in the camera view as an foreground image and start modelling. Now you can adjust easlily. It contains Circles, Hexagons, Pentagons, Square, and even the golden ratio. if they are too small/big just zoom out or in a little, adjust and then zoom back.
A real time saver!

This idea could be used better if a developer would add this as a feature in Blender, then with some programming the lines could be magnetic, movable with a hotkey or even thicker or thinner or you could change their color.

Tell me what you think and have fun!

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Good idea, especially for those new Blender fans.
Now if an app developer could take this and create a cutter mode from it. Pick one of the shapes, scale it, rotate it, hit a key and you cut the selected object.
Just as in any other 3D modeller.

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