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I really like that cape! Is that sculpted? Or did you do a cloth sim?

So this must be “Matrix” Supergirl? I can’t remember if she had those thigh-high red boots though…

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yes, i used cloth simulation! i didn’t based the suit in any particular concept, i just went by feel, same with hair, just trying random things. I didn’t even made a belt because i liked that plain simple vibe. Less accesories.

She’s a really well done “bad-ass good girl, making very interesting use of her cape!” :smiley:

But what I like most about the first image is your complete attention to detail in crafting a comic-book cover.

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She looks strong, more like a Superwoman.

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it’s always cool to see things in context, makes it more “real” in a way!

did you see the Superman movie?

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i havent but just did. Hilarious! when the girl felt i was like there’s no way he can catch her without killing her, and when she splashed i loled

great congrats

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Did you think about trying a cel shader?

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didn’t think about it, but im still new at shaders, there are things i still dont know how to do. No idea how to do a cell shader yet…

Cycles has a Toon BSDF you might play with. Is this Cycles?

easy toon

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ohhhhh yeah i seen that one, but since i didnt saw a slot for roughness and all that i just ignored it… i can see how it could be usefull to recreate the comic style… i would have to experiment with it (never used it). Yes i used cycles with the BSDF shader.

and interesting, the ToonKit topic is just trending right now (but I never used it)