Superhero: Ampoman!


Here’s another character, his name is Ampoman!, a SuperHero!! (really!!) heheh

Please, first take a look of the reference image:

hahahah it is the reference image! really!

ok so, modeled and rendered in Blender 2.34, without AO, bla,bla,bla…

Here is a detail of the model:

I don’t know if it is totally finished… maybe add some textures, but just minimal changes.

C&C welcome as always!

Looks cool. It looks like a some kind of toy?

great charecter as always! me like very much.

brilliant as usual

Very nice. Love the face.
But his hands could need some refinement. And the bright yellow takes away the depth, so especialy in the flying pose his gloves look flat/undefined.

Another great character design. Well done yet again.

You may want to work on your rigging and skinning though. I have noticed that you seem to get some weird deformations on the elbows on your characters.


hehe looks really cool :D.

Great design, i like those renders. Materials and model look really great.

Wow, that is great!

Another great one :smiley: All your characters have so much character in them.
Well done.

Ampoman tantanana!!! :smiley: looks great dude

It is still rare to see CG characters that have a true emotional impact, and your characters ALL have it.

Great work as usual.


Very cool, I’m jealous when watching all these fantastic things.
Maybe I should play with blender not only for the weekend challenges.
My only crit is that he doesn’t look very much like your reference pic, lol.

You really have a gift in making creatures with extreme personalities, good character work like all your characters.