Superhero Game Model

Verts - 862 Polygons - 886
UV Textures - Normal and AO/Color Map
My aim - lots of detail with highly defined muscles and as few pollys as possible
The UVs still need some clean up but I figured its good enough to post.

I understand your main focus, but this model is very jagged. I would suggest more rounded areas other then straight. I understand that means a few more loop cuts but then again, who am I to judge.

I am still making him a couple accessories and acording to what I could find on mobile games you should shoot for 1000 verts in a charecter. After accessories he will be around a thousand. I supose the info I found could be old because another place I found since making him said between 3 and 5000 is optimal. If any of you work for a game studio I would love to know if I followed standards for old machiens, or any other crits.

it depends what type of mobile you developing for, if its a superphone like the sensation or galaxy s 2 then look into the models used in shadowgun for a good idea as thats currently for most visually impressive and high poly game on android, if your thinking of more general devices like the galaxy s or desire hd then have a look at the models used in modern combat 2, im sorry i cant tell you exact poly used in these games, but i have a sensation and develop for superphones only (makes it easier when it comes to modelling as you dont have to be as careful to keep the poly count down)

top image is shadowgun.
bottom image is MC2: black pegasus


Overall verts depend on the device, but here are some discussions about apple mobiles and “draw cell” counts. It appears actual “draw cell” limits are quite generous, the trick is having as few cells as possible.

It’s mostly unreal engine discussion but the basics should apply to everything.