Superhero in the shadows

trying to make a epic superhero scene in blender … and experimenting with cape cloth in the wind …

Character and animation : Iclone 7


Hey, really nice effect with the lighting and ground texture. I enjoyed the ambient music also. I have the idea that sometimes the cape animation looks good and sometimes it looks too much (blowing up and around). If the wind was blowing that much, the character wouldn’t be casually strolling forward, his body too would be fighting the wind, even a super hero. One idea is to lessen the cape animation, another is to make the walk in more of a crouched forward position. Maybe limit the upward gusts (:01,:03,:06,:09,:12) to just one if at all possible. That makes it more dramatic when it happens and it still works. Definitely enjoyed the intro with the focus in and lighting change!

Wow Nice :heart_eyes: :pray:
Hi thank you for your attention , and really appreciated for your great tips… :sparkling_heart: :dizzy:
This is my first experimenting with cape animation , I will definitely use your guidance in the next works.

this scene have a wind force field and I think the wind strength is very high …

Music is one of my ambient music :wink:

Thanks again

Nice job. Would agree with @Boder about the cape, the scene does have a good feel tho.
Peeked at your bandcamp stuff, do you play bass or is it all keyboard with vst, sounds good ether way.


Thank you for feedback :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I agree with @Boder too … :pray:

The music album is electronic and most of the sound are vsti , but I play all Guitars in the album :pray: :pray: