Superhero Update

(BgDM) #1

Hi gang! I updated my website, so the image I had on the first post is now gone. So here is a slight update for you all to bash:

I need to tweak the abs and fix some spots on the head, but it is getting there.

Let me know.


(bob_dog) #2

Very nice, but I think he looks more like the “bad guy” than the super hero!

(blengine) #3

looking real good! very definied… awesome muscles so far, needs some tweaking like u said though =)…
the shoulder area is perfect =D

(Alltaken) #4

looks good i think the chin makes it look like a bad guy but i guess that that will be changed later

from the shoulders to the neck is great
but the shoulders stick up a bit i guess you know that too

and yeah the abbs need work but you know that as well

maybee the pecs need a bit more definition towards the middle like a real hard mans chest :x

put some nipples on it make it look more real

great work hope this gave you some ideas