SuperImageDenoiser 2.0

No more connecting nodes!
No more compositor madness!
Only one click and you can get amazingly clean render results!
SuperImageDenoiser, or short SID, is an free denoising addon that has results far more accurate results than any other denoiser for blender!

works perfect with still images and animations!

If you have any questions or problems, message me on my discord, and I will help you out!



First of all great addon and thank you for sharing it.
I just wanted to give you my input if you are interested.
I wanted to tell you I am still using old version of SID.
And the reason is that it still has denoised passes.
I cannot speak for other users, but they are really useful for me.

And again, great work! :grinning:

Oh haha, I forgot that I have not updated it here
Version 2.3 has added this feature back, with multilayer EXR checkbox.
yesterday I released the 2.4 version which supports luxcore too.


Awesome! :slight_smile:

Great addon!
The quality is much better than with any other denoiser.

Great Results! Thank you

Hi, thanks for a great addon! I have some questions, though.

I’m using it with luxcore and i can see that there’s a “Caustic” pass in the output exr.

  • How is it created? I havent enabled Light tracing.
  • If it’s a real product of lighting calc, can I mix it with the “Image” pass in Krita by placing it on top with addition?

The great thing. Thanks


Thanks for this addon. I was testing it with an ArchViz scene with a courtyard behind glass window and it was blurry. I checked your node setup and notice that for the transmission node was not connecting the “Denoise Normal” and “DenoiseAlbedo”. Once I connected them the courtyard behind the window glass became sharp. Any reason why they are not connected?

Hello eklein.
This is indeed deliberate, as I’ve noticed it did have some issues, where the glass would get artifacts when it had more complex shapes than a plane. Which is not desired.
My personal recommendation, would be either not having a window glass at all, but rather have a hole. This saves render times and noise.
Alternatively, you could use glossy and transparency together, to avoid the issue all together.

Having a hole instead of window glass is not an option for me for this archviz scene I need interior lights reflecting from the window glass. I tested other scenes with many type of glass objects with/without liquids and found no issue having Denoise Normal and Albedo connected. Usually got better results or no difference.

Then you can enter the node group and connect the ones you need.
That’s why I made it a node group instead of an entire node itself. So one can customize it.

That is what I did to compare the difference with denoising with glass. My guess is that Intel probably already fixed the artifacts that you were seeing before with the transmission, because I could not find any issue only improvements in denoising with your addon. Anyway thanks for developing the SuperImageDenoiser.