superimpose me in a scene

hi looking for someone who can explain whats all involved in the process as far as filming me performing in a green screen environment ,and then placing me in the blender/cycles scene, like how do i line up the cameras in the real world to what i have them doing in the scene already.?if that makes sense? ill try to upload a image from my scene to get a idea i have a figure that is supposed to represent me to line up some of the cam’s in the scene blocking basically, thanks


This is a thread for PAID jobs only. Questions or help from the community should be posted in other sections.

unless you are paying someone to tutor you this should be in one of the blender help threads. :slight_smile:

I am a Blender tutor and can help you with compositing and camera matching.

TIP: The easier way to lineup the cameras would be opposite of what you are doing.

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