Superman Returns the game: Flying controls?

Could anyone point me towards instruction on how to build my game to move the way Superman does in “Superman Returns: the Game” when he is locked on a target.

When you input left and right, he circles his opponent, orbit like.

forward and back controls distance to your opponent (face to face being the closest limit)

up and down (right-analog stick) controls elevation (which seem to be local to the camera, because he reorients to the target causing “up” no longer aligned to “global” up. also orbit like.

this is exactly how I want my game to function, this would be the foundation to countless future projects.

Any Theories? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could when locked on, have him be parented to the enemy. just like you would have an empty object and have a camera focus on the empty

I’ve tried a similar approach, the result was that the player would move whenever the target moved, like a irritating mime.

PS: how do you get the camera to focus on an empty.


I would read the noon to pro tutorial and look at the light house exercise. It uses something called parenting restraints I believe

wiki book

Learn some trigonometric functions and Python. Use math’s tan2, sin, and cos functions along with Blender’s Move Actuator to move him in the direction local to the angle obtained from the main character to the enemy.

Thank you, I’ll look in to the light house exercise, as well as trigonometric functions and Python

thank you all for your assistance.