Here is a superman WIP I’ve been working on. My goal here is to make him like an old school bust, flying up above the clouds to admire the view (with a stern dimeanor however).


That looks really good! I think you might want to work a little more on the hands and maybe put them in a more natural pose and the head could stand some work but it is still a great image right here! Great work!

Nice job. will you be using the cloth sim for his cape?

Wow Great Superman model…How did this take you ?

thanks for the feedback! this model took several hours, started as a box, cut down the middle and used alt d for mirrored sculpting, (time flies in blender though, felt like an hour). I didn’t even know there was a cloth sim, haha, i think i might just play it practical and use bones for the cape, mixed with vertex deformation. i was wondering though if anybody knew a quick way to get seamless textures…when i unwrap, unless it is directly stitched together, when i paint in texture mode, it makes the seams obvious. any feedback is welcomed, thanks again!

here are some updated shots. i added some sculpted folds (texturing bump maps annoys me) and a superman logo which has yet to be shaped and extruded properly. the eyebrows no longer stick out, and the face needs to be smaller…more details along the way. and yes i know the hands are black, uv not yet done. crits and critique welcome!


his legs looks too short.

another shot, this time the logo more sculpted, along with the hair much more defined, and legs longer as well.


another shot, not too much added, more to come soon!


as usual nice modelling, is this your own rendition of superman? i think u need to focus on the body and the ‘S’ logo and the cloth. his face is good.
am not good with sculpting, but overall very nice.keep it up.
hmm seems like you’re really devoted into superheroes…

Here is a quick render using an image to kind of compare realism as opposed to a self contained render.


Nice mood there, looking better with the changes. Elbows might need some work - deformation there looks a little unnatural.

hey i did some pre production with this one too…neat little picture of a tiny little superman flying into the clouds.


That is good stuff!

That first cloudscape is great! Did you paint that? The image would look sweet as a widescreen wallpaper. I don’t have a widescreen monitor, but the fact remains that it would look sweet.

sadly no, i didn’t paint that first cloudscape…it’s a photo i found on google pictures to use as a reference…I intend on making my own for this though, because i’m not a thief! haha

here is superman with SSS turned on…a lot needs subtle tweaking, but i think a pretty strong image overall. no underwear right now either:p im just gonna make it a separate object for that.


good module

here is an update shot of what he looks like…the pose is still off due to weight painting.

when i go into weight painting mode, all the colors are darkened to the point where i can’t see them…does anybody know how to fix this? i recalculated all normals to outside and that did nothing.


Yummy good stuff. Looking forward to the finished work!